Summer Infant Prodigy Infant Car Seat, Jet Set

Summer Infant Prodigy Infant Car Seat, Jet Set
Updated on : December 21, 2013
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Summer season Infant Prodigy Infant Auto Seat, Jet Set

Summer time Infant Prodigy Infant Auto Seat, Jet Set

  • Current awards contain PTPA and NHTSA 5-star, highest ease of use rating (the only infant auto seat on the marketplace to acquire a accurate five star rating)
  • Patented SmartScreen Technology attributes visual indicators to guide you through a easy three step installation: 1. Click two. Level 3. Tighten
  • Innovative Belt Tightening Technique effortlessly secures the base to the vehicle
  • 1 Adjust Harness automatically adjusts the five-point harness to infant?s increasing size
  • Accommodates babies from 4-35lbs, up to 32 inches, making it great for preemies
Prodigy Infant Automobile Seat, Jet Set
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Prodigy Infant Vehicle Seat

The Summer time Prodigy Infant Car Seat is the easiest vehicle seat to set up on the industry and the only one particular that tells you when it is installed appropriately. This rear facing infant car seat will grow with your baby from four pounds to 35 pounds, up to 32 inches, and is even comfortable and safe for preemies. The infant insert and head rest assist comfort smaller sized babies for the duration of their initial couple of weeks and months and are removable when they no longer need to have the added help. With its innovative SmartScreen Technologies, installing the base is as straightforward as 1-two-three, just Click, Level, and Tighten. Always remember to appear for the green smile!

What is in the Box:

Car Seat, Auto Seat Canopy, Car Seat Base, three AA Batteries, Infant Body Help, Infant Headrest, Instruction Manual, Registration Card

About Summer season Infant

Possessing a infant truly is, the very best time of your life. At Summer season Infant, we strive to delight moms and babies, and walk beside you in your parenting journey by offering you with protected and innovative products that supply peace of thoughts.

Step 1: Click
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Step 1: Click

With the support of patented SmartScreen Technologies, the Prodigy Infant Car Seat is the easiest vehicle seat to set up and the only car seat that will tell you that you have installed the base correctly. On step 1, Click using latch or seat belt. After you have clicked the base in, press the “next” button. This is the only step that requires you to press the “subsequent” button in order to continue the installation process.

No Re-Threading Needed
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Revolutionary Simplicity

The Prodigy Infant Automobile Seat functions a patented 1Adjust Harness that is a must have feature in the initial months of your increasing baby’s life. This harness method automatically adjusts to your baby’s size each time, no re-threading ever required, and eliminates the confusion of determining the right slot for the harness.

Step 2: Level
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Step two: Level

To Level, press the two buttons positioned on each side of the SmartScreen to properly level the base. A green smiley face will seem as soon as the base is level to confirm that it is at the appropriate angle. If the base is not level, you will see a red exclamation point.

NHTSA five-Star Rated
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five-Star Rated

Prodigy Infant Automobile Seat not too long ago received the NHTSA Ease-of-Use 5-Star Rating. It received a correct 5-star rating in every category: evaluation of instructions, car installation attributes, evaluation of labels, and securing the child.

Step three: Tighten
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Step three: Tighten

To Tighten, secure the base to the car seat utilizing the patented belt tightening program. You will see the lights start to flicker among the red exclamation and the green smiley face as you tighten the base. As soon as the smiley face remains a strong green, you know the base is secured tightly to the car seat. Once you have gone by way of the three installation methods and you see two green smileys, the “complete” indicator will light up at the bottom of the screen, confirming that the auto seat base has been installed correctly.

Accessible Fashions
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Trendy and Compatible

The Prodigy Infant Automobile Seat is available in three stylish fashions: Jet Set (red/black), Blaze (grey/black), and Mod (green/grey). It is compatible with the Fuze Stroller and fashionable Spectra Stroller or can be utilised as a standalone automobile seat. Added bases can be purchased separately, (model # 21080), for hassle-free use in numerous cars.

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Query by Marissa: Does the Safety 1st Summit Deluxe have the very same LATCH connectors as the Safety 1st Total Air 65?
My daughter is presently riding in a Security 1st Air 65 convertible automobile seat. In our second vehicle (which she really hardly ever rides in), we have an older model Britax which she has virtually outgrown. We have decided to buy a higher-back style booster seat with a five-point harness to replace the Air 65 in our principal car. (The Air 65 will replace the Britax in the secondary auto.) I really enjoy the LATCH connectors on the Air 65 which are a “alligator-clamp” style which make installation a breeze. I’d like to know if the Summit Deluxe utilizes the identical style of connectors as opposed to the classic clip sort (which are a discomfort in the neck to set up/tighten!). Thanks in advance!

Greatest answer:

Answer by Star is a chick
I can’t advise the Summit- the best harness slots are much less than 15″, so it is outgrown by most young children in harness mode about age 3- it ought to in no way be employed as a booster simply because it gives a deadly seat belt match- it will not maintain young children secure in a crash simply because it doesn’t position the seat belt appropriately.

Is the Britax expired? Discontinue use instantly if it is. If she is under the weight limit and the harness comes from at or above her shoulders, she still fits. If her shoulders are above the top harness slot, it is outgrown and need to not be used again.

Are you aware that LATCH has weight limits? Most parents aren’t. Brand new limits for 2013 have been just released- automobiles and automobile seats both have limits and you should always observe the lowest limit. After the LATCH limit is reached, you will have to install with the seat belt. Security 1st defers to the vehicle manufacturer’s limits which you can uncover right here Depending on the Britax’s date of manufacture, it could have a 40 or 48 pound limit.

Your choices for forward facing five point harness seats that convert to booster seats (these are known as mixture seats) are
Evenflo Maestro- harness to 50 pounds, 18″ prime slot, fundamental LATCH clip
Evenflo SecureKid 300/400- harness to 65 pounds, 18″ top slot, 300 has fundamental LATCH, 400 has premium LATCH clips
Graco Nautilus- harness to 65 pounds, 18″ leading slot, standard LATCH
Graco Argos- harness to 70 pounds, 18″ leading slot, harness height adjusts by moving headrest from front of seat, basic LATCH
Recaro ProSport- harness to 90 pounds, 18″ top slot (90 pounds is unattainable except by heaviest shortest young children), premium LATCH connector
Britax Frontier 85- harness to 85 pounds, 20″ top slot, premium LATCH connector, converts to tallest higher back booster on the US industry.

Add your own answer in the comments!

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What customers say about Summer Infant Prodigy Infant Car Seat, Jet Set

  1. L. Perry says:
    1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    So soft! Simple installation., August 22, 2013
    L. Perry (Tennessee) –

    Customer review from the Amazon Vine Program (What’s this?)

    We just installed this, and installation was surprisingly easy and intuitive. Relief! Both base and seat-into-base installs easily.

    I love the color (Blaze) look gentle and peaceful and neutral (both car-interior-neutral and gender neutral). The seat seems well padded and protective. Compared to the other models in the store (and the seats my nieces and nephews have used in the past), this seat feels more padded, more “cushiony.” Firm but pillowy, it seems comfortable as well as protective. The fabric is also a soft finish.

    Reasonably lightweight.

    You might consider the stroller that fits this seat. Summer Fuze Stroller with Universal Adapter, Blaze.

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  2. ardnam "ardnam" says:
    1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Sturdy., August 20, 2013
    ardnam “ardnam” (NJ) –

    Customer review from the Amazon Vine Program (What’s this?)

    This is such a user-friendly seat. I love that is adjusts so easily so it can be used easily with different children. It installs easily and the control panel lets you know when the installation is correct. You can easily adjust straps. It is very comfy. The fabric does not absorb heat like some other seats do in hot weather. I like to mini canopy as well.

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  3. Himri "Himri" says:
    1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Smart car seat, August 5, 2013
    Himri “Himri” (Tempe, AZ USA) –

    Customer review from the Amazon Vine Program (What’s this?)

    In the previous car seat, to finish the setup, we had to look for a bubble to be in a colour zone. With this car seat which is with the times, its smart screen technology flashes a smilie as you get each step right. The seat is very soft compared to Chicco infant and Graco convertible seats. For infants thats a great plus.
    Basic setup is very easy with the Summer Infant Prodigy Infant seat. I have previously used Summer Infant Ultimate Crib sheet and am happy with that too.

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  4. boneheaderss says:

    Here is how a forward facing car seat with a harness (when ONE of the following happens):
    -the child has hit the maximum weight limit of the seat
    -the tips of the child’s ears are parallel to the top of the seat
    -the harness straps are parallel to the child’s shoulders when used in the top most harness slots***

    ***When a child is forward facing, it is extremely important that the harness straps are coming from at or slightly above a child’s shoulders. If the harness straps were coming from below, the forces of the crash would transfer to the child’s spine.

    Most children outgrow their harnessed car seats by height before weight and the Summit has really low slots for forward facing which are about 15″- most children who outgrow the seat are around age 3. Some small children may outgrow the seat at age 4-ish. Any child small enough to fit in the Summit should ride rear facing.

    The Summit also makes a terrible booster- a booster seat job’s is to properly position the adult seat belt on the child’s body. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) rates how well boosters position the adult seat belt on the average 6 year old child. The IIHS put this seat on the “check fit” list, which means that it may put the lap belt on the tummy in some situations and in others, it would position the lap belt properly. It will not give much growing room for your child anyways while in booster mode.

    Here is a video that explains more about the IIHS’s booster ratings:

    And here is their website about their results:

    And like Star said, what may surprise you is that there is a weight limit on the lower anchors- usually 40 or 48 lbs. Also, the lower anchors cannot be used in the center seating position, unless your vehicle manual says specifically that they can be used in the center. The center seating position is about 43% safer than the outboard seating positions in the backseat as the center is farthest away from any point of impact. If your daughter’s car seat installs well in the center with the seat belt, then I would use it in the center.

    *Always* use the top tether whether you are installing with the vehicle’s seat belt or with the lower anchors. The top tether is extremely important as it reduces how far your child’s head swings forward. Here is more about the importance of the top tether on a forward facing car seat:

    Most vehicles have 2 spots (outboard seats) for the lower anchors, but 3 top tether positions.

    I would recommend the Evenflo SecureKid 400 model. It has push-in LATCH connectors, has about 18 inch top slots and a 65 lb weight limit with the harness. It costs around $ 120 and was a “best bet” booster by the IIHS, meaning it will be worth the money as it will last a long time.

    Here is a review of the Evenflo SecureKids by a child passenger safety technician:

    If you are looking for easy installation with a lap/shoulder seat belt, get a car seat with a built in lock off. For example, The Graco Nautilus Elite (must be Elite model) has a lock off for the shoulder belt: