Snoozer Luxury Console Safe And Secure Dog Carrier Car Seat / Pet Vehicle Barrier – Small, Red / Camel

Snoozer Luxury Console Safe And Secure Dog Carrier Car Seat / Pet Vehicle Barrier – Small, Red / Camel
Updated on : July 18, 2013
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Snoozer Luxury Console Secure And Safe Dog Carrier Car Seat / Pet Car Barrier – Tiny, Red / Camel

Snoozer Luxury Console Safe And Secure Dog Carrier Auto Seat / Pet Automobile Barrier – Small, Red / Camel

  • 7″ H x 9″ W x 15″ L – Pets up to 7 lbs
  • Zipper removable micro suede cover
  • Connection strap incorporated for the seat belt to join the harness
  • Cover and interior are each machine washable
  • Plush, comfortable and tough polyurethane foam

Made With Sophisticated Micro Suede – Let your Pet Ride in Style and Comfort. Luxury Console Lookout is so unique it has a Patented Style. Available in luxury microfiber with accenting cord. Also has a firm yet comfortable foam form. Comes with security strap for securing your pet. The Luxury Console pet car seat is produced with an elegant micro suede cover so your pet is confident to take pleasure in their chic new automobile seat. Available in a variety of micro suede fabrics you are positive to discover the perfect automobile seat to match any auto. The comfortable foam aids your pet ride secure and smooth while in your automobile or truck. The cover can be removed for simple cleaning. Use the dog auto seat in the property as a bed or in the car as a booster! There is a seat belt slot for safety and a connecting strap is incorporated for the seat belt to join a harness.

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