Snoozer Luxury Console Pet Car Seat, Black & Herringbone, Small

Snoozer Luxury Console Pet Car Seat, Black & Herringbone, Small
Updated on : June 14, 2013
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Snoozer Luxury Console Pet Auto Seat, Black & Herringbone, Modest

Snoozer Luxury Console Pet Automobile Seat, Black & Herringbone, Tiny

  • Luxury removable microsuede cover with accent cording
  • Bottom reversible pad with comfy sherpa on one particular side
  • Removable washable/dryable cover and pad insert
  • Safety strap incorporated

Patented luxury booster seat that attaches to your vehicle’s console and offers pets elevation to look out the window while keeping them safely contained.

Question by Lolz: How important is a dog’s breed?
My household is set on receiving a Siberian Husky, I have heard from numerous answerers on here that they are a no no for very first time dog owners. I want to know, if as a loved ones, we perform together and perform hard on training the dog and if we spend time with the dog, would it be achievable for us to overcome the dog breed barrier?

Alaskan Malamute are the second selection, we definetely want a dog with those sorts of appears.

Very best answer:

Answer by Robin M
I don’t consider its smart to get a dog solely primarily based on what it appears like

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What customers say about Snoozer Luxury Console Pet Car Seat, Black & Herringbone, Small

  1. Teejeronimo says:
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Snoozer Luxury Console Pet Car Seat – SMALL, October 9, 2012
    Teejeronimo (California) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Snoozer Luxury Console Pet Car Seat, Black & Herringbone, Small (Misc.)

    I went back & forth based on the reviews to get SMALL or LARGE. After measuring my console, the small was my only option but was afraid that my little Yorkie mix (9 lbs) would not fit comfortably. Being a little snuggle bug herself, she curled into it and can lay down curled up. She also sometimes lies her head on the lip of the seat as well. Not much room for anything else but it works. She gets to see everything from the console.

    I would rate this 5 but the straps (as I have read in the reviews), are awkward. Firstly, the small strap that is supposed to go around the console is too big… Luckily my GL had another part that it could attach to so I did. Then the two straps that looks like it’s supposed to go around the seats are too short. I had to rig it up my own way with some latches that were on the floor. Being slightly too short for that too, I had to simply use an extension loop.

    Now we are set.

    For those who want the large unit so their pet can lay out in the seat, I don’t know what cars would have such a HUGE console! I have a Mercedes 450 GL which is a large SUV. Granted, the console is moderate but what car would have such a huge console I wouldn’t know.

    Good luck in choosing your size!

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  2. R. L. Loomis says:
    4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great Idea!, May 21, 2011
    R. L. Loomis

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    I feel much better having this Pet seat for my shi tzu. Product quality as stated and gives her a safe place to sit and lay for some of our long journeys. Helps to maintain control of your animal in vehicle. Previously, she was a target for becoming a flying object in our vehicle.

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  3. I'm a mom says:
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Almost perfect…, May 27, 2012
    I’m a mom (Mississippi) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    Okay – so I knew when I bought this, I would have some issues. I have a 2010 Ford Mustang convertible and a 2 pound Maltese. I was worried carrying her in our laps for fear that a small front end fender bender would make the air bags inflate and kill our poor little pup. So, I measured between the seats and knew it would be wide enough…but… I don’t have the right type of console. The back section of the console opens and the front part is a drink holder. When I got the seat, I was right – it didn’t work. However, I was able to take the rear straps and attach them to the undersides of the front seats in the back, then, for the front (which was the real problem), I attached two additional straps with clips and attached those underneath the front seats in the front. To access my console, I need to unclip the front clips, to tip the seat back. It works great. While it did take some jury-rigging to work, it keeps her secure between the seats, and all 4 of my seats are still open for passengers (which was the concern with over the seat options). We use it with a harness since if she had just the collar and was thrown it would snap her little neck. Once we clip her in the harness, I am confident that she is comfortable and safe. She was thrown from it once when we had to stop *very* quickly, and her harness kept her from being injured. Thank goodness! All in all, except for the fact that I had to jury-rig it to make it work, it is a *wonderful* seat!

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  4. likeomgtotalllywoahh says:

    I would not focus on looks first hand. You should focus on personality first and then narrow down your choices by look. Here please take this quiz on what breed is best for you:

  5. Troll Police Dogs says:

    If you are a very physically active family, in great physical shape, you are more likely to run with these dogs for an hour or so a day, so that wouldn’t be so bad then. But most Americans are rather lazy and don’t exercise.

    If you work hard with training and the type of exercise I mentioned, you can overcome the breed thing.

    Never buy a dog based on looks. Buy a dog based on what fits your family.

    Go to the shelters and they’ll tell you the best dogs for your family.

  6. anne b says:

    What a dog looks like is never a good way to select a breed for a family lifestyle.
    You have to ask yourself why looks are so important to you that you would sacrifice the breed traits that suit your family to get the looks you want?
    A family pet should be selected by choosing the best match for your family’s lifestyle. That would start by looking at breed traits, not breed looks.

    This is one of the reasons dogs end up in shelters. People choose everything these days because of popularity and looks, instead of using their common sense and selecting what is right for them.

    To answer your question, you cannot make a Husky anything other than what it is, no matter how much time you spend with it.

  7. ♥dogs♥jinx♥molly♥ says:

    It is possible. However, your family needs to know that a dog only has 1 master. As a pack, you have to decide who will lead the dog in training. Pack has an alfa male and female. Remember this. Don’t confuse the dog. I honestly think you should start with an easier dog, Huskies and malamutes are very hard to handle (huskies are easier than malamutes, though). You shouldn’t pick a dog on looks. I believe I said this to YOU earlier. You have to pick a breed by what you can handle. You are going to learn the hard way, that you shouldn’t pick a dog breed by looks. And you will regret it. I just hope whatever dog you get has a good life, and that you take care of it properly.

  8. Agent Super Lou says:

    If you’re concerned about training or behavioral issues, breed has almost nothing to do with those things. When training a dog you think of it as an animal first, then dog, then breed, and very last name. With any dog, make sure to never humanize it because this can be very damaging to it’s mental and emotional balance.
    When you are choosing a breed though, do your research. Try to get it’s energy level to be the same or lower than yours, and a size that fits in your home comfortably. Certain dogs have needs that other dogs don’t have as much. Such as certain dogs needing more grooming, or more exercise. Just do your research before you choose a breed.

  9. Gracie says:

    i think you should. i mean if your family pitch in to help itll sure help. i had a shibe inu so yea

  10. Pink Teacup Pachyderm! says:

    really your family needs to research the breed.

    Too many people get them because they are pretty, but they really are not an easy dog to live with. For most people, they make very poor pets.

    They shed.. a lot. They shed all year long, and twice a year blow their coat and shed even more. Dog hair is a condiment, and also home decor. If you dont like dog hair all over your clothes, furniture and carpet.. dont get a husky

    They need lots of exercize.. really, you could probably give a husky a good 3 hours of exercize a day, and he’d probably still be ready for more! If your family is not active or outdoor people.. even in COLD weather! Dont get a husky

    They are not quite.. they chatter just to hear themselves talk! They bark, whine, howl and make a variety of sounds.. if you want a quiet dog, Dont get a husky!

    They are smart, very intelligent dogs.. but not obedient dogs. They are a “whats in it for me?” kind of dog. If a husky thinks your stoopid cookie is not a good enough of a reward, then the husky is not going to sit or come when called to get it. If you want an obedient dog, dont get a husky!

    They are escape artists! You can NEVER trust a husky off-leash.. NEVER! They would love to go run, play and explore.. I told you they are smart.. well a husky will figure out how to unlatch your gate.. I had a husky mix who figured out how to pop open the trunk (the button was on the middle console) to my car and then pulled down the back of the back seat to escape out the trunk.. yes she did that as my husband was driving! THAT was a very scary day! So, if you want a trustworthy dog, dont get a husky!

    They are friendly dogs when socialized.. they can be very friendly. But, they are definantly not guard dogs. If an intruder were to break into your house, a husky would likely greet him, see if he has a goodie, then go check out the broken door or window for an escape oppourtunity. If you want a good guard dog.. dont get a husky!

  11. CF_ says:

    breed is VERY important

    the dogs you have selected are high energy dogs, they need LONG RUNS every day (not just walks..but real runs)

    Huskies are notorious for killing cats so that must be addressed.

    do not just pick a dog breed based on looks – consider ALL facts, behavior more than anything else

    here is a link

  12. » vixter « says:

    well i tell u i was set on getting a yorkie (which i did) but before i did i made sure i did my reaseach on them, such as how to care for their coat, types of food they should eat (in my case, need food that is especially good for their teeth).

    do ur research, find out common health problems of the dog you would like to get, other common problems that you might expect in the future. if you think you can handle it then go for it.

  13. TK says:

    There are several northern breeds and their characteristics are different. Research the breeds by reading all the advice on their national parent club websites. People who love their breed do not want one going into a wrongly-matched home and they will be honest about the drawbacks to having one.

  14. julie(: says:

    you picked out 2 breeds that both are beautiful and look like wolves,but i’m guessing you only picked them for looks and only looks since that is what you said
    no they are NOT good dogs for first time owners
    they are very smart breeds,but stubborn,many people get very frustrated with their huskies and give up training them and end up with destructive,crazy dogs
    the people who end up with dogs like that were like you and decided to pick a dog for looks
    i’ve been to a shelter many times to find a dog and there were a few huskies there and on their adoption info all of the papers on all the dogs’ kennels said “destructive or unable to control”
    even with everyone working together it probably still would not work out,everyone will get frustrated,believe me
    and a husky would need a FIRM owner that knows what he/she is doing and would need a trainer
    please,look for other dogs,there are many beautiful dog breeds out there that are good for first time owners or go to a shelter,there are many already trained(though training is an on-going process) dogs that you can get

    i wanted a husky,but realized it was too much for me even.i would love to have one in the future though when i know more about training

  15. PARKERD says:

    I am 51 years old and have had a dog in my life for that entire time.

    My last Dog past in October, he was a GSD mix, and the next day I went to the pound to find a new Dog.

    I found the sweetest little 70 pound dog and she is mostly Husky.

    If you and your family are committed to working with this Dog, really committed, you can make it work. If you have never had a Dog before then training classes are required. They are tough Dogs, they are very strong, very vocal, think about it they are bred to pull sleds in the snow. When I say strong you really have no idea what I am talking about. She is way stronger than my GSD mix, and he was a powerhouse. I miss him so much.

    If you can find one to rescue go for it, they know you saved their lives, and will love you forever for doing so, they know get a little older and you will see it for yourself.

    A Malamute is pretty much the same Dog as a Husky. They all come down from the Spitz.