Regalo 4 In 1 Metal Play Yard, White

Regalo 4 In 1 Metal Play Yard, White
Updated on : May 20, 2013
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Regalo four In 1 Metal Play Yard, White

Regalo 4 In 1 Metal Play Yard, White

  • Includes 8 panels to enclose 19 sq. feet. Space between the bars (slate size) is two.5 inches
  • Easy take down and set up
  • Hassle-free walk-thru style
  • Meets all currents safety requirements PVC free
  • Can be used for pets as well

New! Regalo four-in-1 Metal Play Yard encloses a massive 19 square feet region or 192″ wide gate. Several possibilities! Can be configured into a assortment of shapes and sizes to match your requirements. Not only can it be employed as a Play Yard, but also converts to a fire location guard, gate enclosure for added wide openings and stairway barrier. This all steel Play Yard comes equipped with a stroll by means of door and security lock. Folds and Go technology allows you to simply move this product from indoors to outdoors. Includes all hardware! * Includes eight panels to enclose 19 sq. feet
* Practical stroll-thru design and style
* Fantastic for outdoors!
* Straightforward take down and set up
* Perfect for travel or storage
* Sturdy and durable all steel construction
* Meets all current safety requirements. PVC free
* JPMA certified.
* Can be utilised for pets also!Supplying a versatile way to keep your kid secure, the Regalo four-In-1 Metal Play Yard delivers many practical configurations for around the residence. Made with sturdy steel construction for the ultimate in durability, the play yard is straightforward to set up and take down. The foldable design and style and walk-by means of gate make it hassle-totally free to use and portable for family trips.

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4-In-1 Metal Play Yard
At a Glance:

Age/Weight Specifications:
six to 24 months

Assembly Requirements:
Screwdriver or drill for wall mount

Warranty: Restricted 90-day

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Regalo 4-In-1 Metal Play Yard Lifestyle Shot
Featuring an all-steel frame, this gate can be configured to keep your kids secure in their play region. View larger.
Regalo 4-In-1 Metal Play Yard 28 inches tall

Numerous Configurations to Fit Your Space
Whether you’re looking for a large location for your child to play while you are functioning about the home or need to have a safety gate to maintain your youngster out of harm’s way, the play yard provides a versatile style that incorporates 4 separate utilizes. It can be set up as a stand-alone play yard, a barrier to stop children from acquiring also close to the fireplace, a safety gate to mount in in between walls, or even a free of charge-standing barrier for difficult-to-safe structures like the bottom of stairs.

Its handy walk-through design offers straightforward access for adults with a quick, 1-touch safety lock release lever. The gate is 28 inches tall and can also be utilised to include small pets to a single area of your home.

Regalo 4-In-1 Metal Play Yard - Portable Design
Compact style for straightforward storage and portability.
View bigger.

Steel Construction That Meets Security Standards
The all-steel frame building offers strength and assistance that you can trust and depend on to keep your kid safe. The 4-in-1 play yard is PVC-free of charge and meets the security requirements set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

Portable Design and style and Straightforward Set Up
The large play yard is composed of eight 24-inch wide detachable panels that produce up to 19 square feet of play area for your child to take pleasure in. Each configuration is quick and easy to set up. For added comfort, all wall-mounting hardware is included ought to you need to convert into a wall mounted gate. The play yard is simple to take down and folds compactly, so it really is ideal for moving about the house, traveling, or storing.

The Regalo 4-In-1 Metal Play Yard is backed by a manufacturer’s limited 90-day warranty.

About Regalo: Security and Comfort Above All
Regalo is an industry leader in merchandise that make life a small much less hectic for busy caregivers and exceptionally secure for tiny ones. The whole solution line uses non-toxic powder coat and products such as bed rails, safety gates, and booster seats that are eligible for meeting ASTM standards and JPMA certification do just that. More than the years, parents, grandparents, and caregivers have come to know and depend on Regalo items for at property and on the go.

What is in the Box
A single Regalo four-In-1 Metal Play Yard, instruction manual, and wall-mounting hardware.

Regalo 4-In-1 Metal Play Yard Lifestyle Shot
Use the eight incorporated panels to produce up to 19 square feet of protective barriers or a handy play pen.

Query by Mommy!: Distinction of a convertible auto seat and a booster seat one particular?
I just loosen the straps on my sons automobile seat simply because I by no means believed about it because I thought they had been at there max but I have additional funds from revenue taxes so he will require one particular soon after he outgrows this 1

so any recommendations perfer to know the one particular you have and how do you like it and whats its cons and pros in your opinion

Greatest answer:

Answer by Doodlestuff
A convertible automobile seat eliminates the need to acquire both an infant seat and a larger seat simply because it reclines appropriately for an infant. Since your son is already in an infant seat, there is no explanation to especially select a convertible.

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What customers say about Regalo 4 In 1 Metal Play Yard, White

  1. WendyF says:
    21 of 21 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Innovation Meet The PlayYard!, January 20, 2011

    This review is from: Regalo 4 In 1 Metal Play Yard, White (Baby Product)

    I purchased the Regalo 4-in-1 Play Yard after researching some of the best metal Play Yards on the web. Most were very expensive and offered little functionality. I stumbled upon this product and decided to take a shot due to the great price point and the 4-in-1 aspect of the Play Yard. It was very easy to set up took about 10 minutes total. I have used this Play Yard as a barrier for my Pets to keep them out of the dinning area during Christmas. I also have used it to block the stairway to be sure my son did not decide to try and climb down alone. I have had this Play Yard for just about three weeks and it has been awesome in may different situations. The best part is that it folds down to a small fraction of its size to easily be stored in a closet area. I would suggest widening the door opening but this is a minor gripe for this great product. I have already recommended this Play Yard to all of my friends.

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  2. Toni says:
    18 of 18 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Exactly What We Needed, July 5, 2011
    Toni (Murrieta, CA USA) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Regalo 4 In 1 Metal Play Yard, White (Baby Product)

    We purchased the Regalo 4-in-1 Play Yard to protect our grandson from a raised brick hearth and fireplace. It fit the bill, perfectly, as it was plenty long enough, and very sturdy. It was also very easy to attach to the wall.

    My only complaint is with the door locking system, not that it doesn’t work well, but that on this entirely white fencing unit the latch is red. It immediately attracted our 11 month-old grandson’s attention, and within 2 weeks he had figured out how to open the gate. I’m certain that if the latch was white, it would have taken him much longer to find and master. I would have given 5 stars if not for this issue.

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  3. Courage says:

    The biggest one to me is that a booster seat is not regulated, and many of the 3-in-1 car seats (baby-toddler-booster) tested as unsatisfactory or would only work with SOME cars, and not with all. If I’m going to spend money on a car seat, I want it to work in no matter car seat I use. Also since they are talking about forcing regulations in the next year or so, the car seat you get NOW may be no good in a couple of years. I’ll include a link to the place that tested the boosters and their results so if you do go booster you can pick a good one.

    Alright, I’ve used 3 convertibles so far. The first is a Britax Decathlon, it goes rear-facing until 33lbs and front-facing until 65lbs, has side-impact testing, and sits high. Some people don’t like the room it takes up, but I like the fact that it is high enough she can see out the back seat. It’s also pretty plush and comfortable. We took it on an airplane and it fit, but you had to pull up the arm-rests.

    The second was a Safety First 3-in-1 I believe, we were still using it in the rear-facing position. Before the accident the latch for the seatbelt was stiff after just a week or so of use and was getting harder to manage. After the accident, because of the severity of the accident, I was able to get them to replace it.

    I replaced it with a Graco-My-Ride. The cost was about $ 169 at the time, it’s $ 129 at Wal-mart now and you can get it under $ 150 most places. It faces rear for 40lbs (for my daughter, that means she’ll be rear-facing probably until 4 years old in that one) and faces forwards to 65lbs. It’s not as comfortable as the Britax, but has good side-impact and my daughter likes the cup-holders. :P Also the leveler is easier to use than on the Britax, it’s easier to rethread when they start to outgrow it (some of the better Britax car seats you don’t have to rethread at all to fix the shoulder straps as they grow, which I think is wonderful) and sits high (again, she likes to look out the back window.) I like it as much as I like the Britax, maybe even a little more.

    Now, if I had the means and needed a convertible I’d look at the Radian Sunshine. It faces backwards to 45lbs, forwards to 80lbs, isn’t as wide, has good side-impact, a steel frame, and a longer-expiration. The Britax has a 5-6 year expiration on the plastic (you should replace after that time) and the Graco has a 6 year expiration. I think the Radian has an 8 year expiration as well as allowing you to use the LATCH system longer, which is safer. It runs close to $ 300 though. The negative for that one of course is that people have complained about trying to get it to sit in the rear position laying at the 45degree angle like it’s supposed to while others say it didn’t give them any trouble in smaller cars even, so I’d want to try it out before buying. Still, that’s the one I’d lean towards since you’d basically be using it for the rest of your child’s car-seat needs.

  4. Bird Flippin' says:

    A convertible seat rear faces and forward faces with a harness system. A booster seat has no harness system but instead uses the car’s shoulder/lap belt. Using just a lap belt is not allowed with booster seats.

    If you are in need of a new car seat there are a few things to consider, the age and weight of the child, the car(s) you plan on installing the car seat in, and price.
    If your child is under 12 months and 20lbs you can NOT legally put him forward facing. You want to keep your child rear facing as long as possible because it is 500% safer to do so. There are a a few new car seats on the market that allow rear facing up to 45lbs here’s a quick comparison for you of the top 5 high weighted seats

    I personally have the radian and love it. It is a tougher install but if it fits, it is well worth the price.