RECARO Prosport Combination Car Seat, Blaze

RECARO Prosport Combination Car Seat, Blaze
Updated on : January 30, 2013
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RECARO Prosport Combination Vehicle Seat, Blaze

RECARO Prosport Mixture Car or truck Seat, Blaze

  • five points of protection
  • Recaro’s Side Effect Protection (SIP) system with its added huge wings
  • Accommodates children from 20 pounds to 120 pounds
  • five point harness accommodates youngsters up to 90 pounds
  • Take away harness to switch to a higher back booster

The ProSPORT is a premium combination harness to booster seat. Your youngster will ride in comfort and optimal safety with this convertible vehicle seat. The Side Influence Protection (SIP) technique is designed to distinctly safeguard five vulnerable locations of a kid head, neck, face, pelvis and torso. The quick adjust, soft touch head restraint is padded with true automotive PUR foam and positions quickly with the turn of a knob. Also attributes an painless to adjust five-point harness, cool mesh air ventilation, and a lock-off mechanism that locks the automobile seat belt in the belt path for optimum safety in the forward facing position. Other capabilities include push button latch program with latch storage, harness storage pockets, a universal prime tether technique and a rear-facing recline lever. Seat measures 27″ to 29″ H x 19″ W x 11″ D. 70 pound weight capacity. This seat consists of a 5-point harness system that accommodates children up to 90 pounds. Later the 5 point harness can be removed and the seat can be utilized as a belt positioning booster seat for a child up to 120 pounds. Also included is the RECARO safety stripe program a racing-inspired white stripe which will be clearly visible on the outdoors edge of the 5 point harness. Made in the USA.

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Question by Selena Sem: Seeking for Recaro infant car or truck seat and stroller that can be converted and attached with each other for an very easy travel?
I’m hunting for a Recaro infant auto seat that can convert to a booster seat or seat massive sufficient for toddler and a stroller that can be attached to infant seat. I do not know exactly where to uncover it. I can only find booster seats. Can somebody enlighten me on this!? Links? And explanations of the product.

Very best answer:

Answer by boneheaderss
What nation are you from? In the US, Recaro does not make infant automobile seats. Recaro makes them for use in Europe.

Most “three in 1″ seats are gimmicks- parents want to use only 1 car seat for their child and that is what sells those seats. There is generally some flaw with “3 in 1″ seats, which is why, if I do advise them, to only use the seat in specific modes (if it has wonderful utilizes, but isn’t high-quality for other utilizes).

In the US, we have what is named convertible automobile seats. These can be utilised rear facing for infants (most parents get infant car seats that can only be applied rear facing infant seats are compact, and infants outgrow them rather rapidly). Convertible car or truck seats have a larger weight limit and a taller shell than infant seats.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that children remain rear facing until they are at least two years old. They also advocate to rear face a kid as lengthy as doable. This implies, just after employing an infant seat, to switch to a convertible car seat and use it in the rear facing position till the kid outgrows it by weight or height.

A rear facing automobile seat (in the US) is outgrown when One particular of the following takes place:
-the youngster has hit the maximum weight limit of the seat
-the child’s head is 1 inch away from the shell of the seat

Maintain your child rear facing in their convertible vehicle seat until one particular of the above occurs. A rear facing child is 5 instances safer than a front facing child. In Scandinavian nations, kids are kept rear facing till they are at least four years old. The Swedish have fairly low fatalities for children in car or truck accidents. Every single year, fatalities are close to zero, though in the United States, car or truck crashes are the major lead to of injury, disability, and death for kids beneath 12 years of age.

Above link: Video from the IIHS about rear facing for babies and toddlers

Above link: Shows photos of children rear facing in convertible auto seats plenty of children are more than age 2 and are still rear facing!

Above hyperlink: Joel at 18 months and 33 lbs broke his neck whereas in a front facing car or truck seat

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What customers say about RECARO Prosport Combination Car Seat, Blaze

  1. MomMD says:
    60 of 60 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    MomMD (Chicago) –

    Just wanted to let everyone know that I spoke with Recaro today and beginning in July 2011, they started manufacturing this model with a longer harness and they will send a new replacement harness to anyone who purchased the previous model. Hope this helps those of you (like myself) who were struggling with short straps! It is really a great (albeit heavy) seat that had a major flaw, which seems to have now been corrected!

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  2. Jacy Legault says:
    71 of 76 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    I love it, but my son likes the Frontier better, September 1, 2011
    Jacy Legault

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    I had a very tough time deciding between the ProSport and the Frontier SICT. Both were available via amazon prime, so I bought the ProSport for my car and the Frontier for my wife’s SUV.

    First words out of my Son’s mouth when sitting in the ProSport with the harness (coming from the older Marathon): “This is uncomfortable daddy”. His issue was the head rest, it’s actually quite hard and the wings block side to side visibility.

    A few weeks later when the Frontier showed up it was a different story. He loved the cup holders and the arm rests, and also commented that he found it much more comfortable.

    I figured I would add that to the base of reviews here.

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  3. Breana Buckley says:

    Yeah, my (now) 6 year old is in a booster full-time now. :) I believe that too, I just didn’t want to booster him full-time prematurely. That’s the issue I’m having with my (almost) 5 year old now.. he’s not ready to be boostered; too immature. So, he’s in a frontier 85.. probably for another year.

  4. boneheaders says:

    I know it been a while since you watched this video, but your 5 (probably almost 6 by now) year old would be very safe in a britax booster with secure guard if he can sit correctly. I believe it is safer to be in a booster because there is less load on the neck when in a booster. The swedish believe that neck loads increase in a 5 point harness if the child is FF because the body is not able to move forward like in a 3 point belt. This is NOT an excuse to put kids in boosters prematurely.

  5. KatMomof3 says:

    too bad the one in the AOE is riding in an expired seat with twisted straps.

    they look to be at least 2, so I won’t complain TOO bad about them being ff, but seriously… I think the commercial would be better if they were both in prorides, rearfacing, talking about how chill and sick their awesome reclined rearfacing seats are for leaning back and enjoying the ride, then dozing off for a nap while mom takes them home after that long playdate with Reagan

  6. Breana Buckley says:

    awesome! I almost got that seat, but got the myride instead because my son hated the straps on the CA… but then he outgrew the myride in height and weight so I got him an XTSL :)

  7. Christin Hardy says:

    We have the safety first complete air seats for all three, soon to be getting a radian XTSL for the oldest

  8. Christin Hardy says:

    I have three of the safety first complete air seats. Soon to be getting a radian XTSL for my oldest.

  9. Breana Buckley says:

    that’s awesome!! I wish I didn’t have such “beasts” for children OR had the money to import a multi-tech or two-way!.. LOL.. I wish my 5 year old could still be RF… but he’s 60lbs… so, there’s not even a seat out there that can RF him!
    What seats do you have?