Pittsburgh Steelers NFL Football Team Infant Baby Hooded Bath Towel

Pittsburgh Steelers NFL Football Team Infant Baby Hooded Bath Towel
Updated on : August 31, 2013
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Pittsburgh Steelers NFL Football Group Infant Baby Hooded Bath Towel

Pittsburgh Steelers NFL Football Team Infant Child Hooded Bath Towel

  • Produced of child soft 100% cotton terry cloth with logo screenprint
  • Characteristics official team colors, logos and trademarks
  • Wrap your precious baby in warm one hundred% cotton, that is 45″ lengthy and 25″ wide
  • Officially licensed by the NFL and this football sports team
  • Tends to make a wonderful gift for your favourite NFL football sports fan

NYPittsburgh Steelers hooded infant -infant bath towel. Comes in official group colors and is designed with your favourite teams officially licensed logo. 100% cotton, 45″ long and 25″ wide, with matching trim, tends to make a excellent gift for your preferred sports.

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