Philadelphia Phillies Mesh Steering Wheel Cover

Philadelphia Phillies Mesh Steering Wheel Cover
Updated on : March 16, 2013
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Philadelphia Phillies Mesh Steering Wheel Cover

Philadelphia Phillies Mesh Steering Wheel Cover

  • Philadelphia Phillies Mesh Steering Wheel Cover.
  • Drive in style with these high quality steering wheel covers!
  • The steering wheel cover is made of polysuede and mesh for a comfortable grip and features your favorite team’s logo.
  • The steering wheel cover easily stretches to fit car, truck and SUV steering wheels.

The slip on in seconds, with no lacing required. Made by Fremont Die.

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Question by Toaster :) : What are some axctions a student could take to stand out on college applications?
By the statement above, I am NOT talking about SAT’s and honors/AP classes. I do NOT want to hear about that in the answers to this question. I am talking about raising money for needy people, or helping children suffering with Polio… What are some creative and fun ideas?

Best answer:

Answer by dann of thursday
1. Sled-a-thon – Each student can seek pledges for each trip down the hill. One school did
this and made over $ 2,000. A potluck was held afterward for the participants and their
2. 3-on-3 basketball tournament – Charge a team of 3-4 players $ 40 for entrance and ask
local businesses for prize donations. If you provide tee shirts for the event, you could raise
the entrance fee.
3. Car wash, for a donation – You could also sell other items at the car wash (have a small
food stand available with coffee, juice, bagels, fruit, etc.). One school raised $ 1,300 in about
five hours. Or, you could also hold a free car wash and ask for pledges in advance per car
washed (for example, $ 0.10 per car).
4. Spring yard work to local community members – One soccer team offered to rake yards
and spread compost at a bargain rate. They had 10 players working 3 ½ days each and
each boy made $ 240.00. Customers were asked to give a donation for the work and
everyone exceeded expectations.
5. “Chuck a Puck at the Rink” – A hockey team plays this game between the 2nd and 3rd periods
of the hockey game. Each puck is numbered and sold for $ 1. Everyone throws them on the
ice and the one closest to the center gets half of the money sold. In one season, they raised
$ 24,000. You could adapt this to basketball games using numbered bean bags.
6. Administrative fun – Have money jars available for the students to place money into. The
school secretary would count the amount in the jars on a daily basis and post the total. At
set increments, (for example, $ 100, $ 200, $ 500) the principal and/or vice-principal would
have to do stunts such as dress as a cheerleader, do cheers, act out a scene from a play,
etc. One school earned over $ 3,300 in one year.
7. G.S.T. auction (goods, services, and talents) – Solicit local businesses (or parents or groups
of school children) to donate anything they can offer. One school had a number of items
available for auction including a week at a time share (airfare not included), a week at a
cottage, hair care services, a lawn tractor, furniture, food and restaurant gift certificates.
This school raised $ 20,000.
8. Bricks with engraved donor names – Bricks can be ‘sold’ for $ 50 each or more. One school
raised $ 520,000 with this idea.
9. School event planners – These were sold for $ 7 each at school registration and included all
event dates, such as football games, holidays, national tests, dances, and band events.
Fifty percent of the sales were profit.
10. Temporary tattoos – A university group sold these with their university logo at home football
and basketball games. In the first two months, they raised over $ 10,000.
11. “Halloween Insurance” – One organization sold insurance for $ 1 and guaranteed to clean up
any soaped windows, cars, etc. the day after Halloween. They had 6 clean-up calls and
everyone tipped them, despite purchasing the insurance. A group of 7 members made over
$ 1,000.
12. Sell seat cushions at sporting events – Sell advertisements on the cushions to 12-20 local
businesses for $ 50-100. You may even be able to give the cushions away.
13. Plant sale – Ask parents to donate plants for a sale. They can divide their perrenials and
share them with other families. A garden club makes about $ 1,000-2,000 each year from a
sale like this.
14. Raffle – One group sold 1,000 tickets at $ 10 (or 3 for $ 25) and the prize was a gift certificate
for $ 2,500 at an electronic store. They expected to make between $ 5,000-$ 7,500. Check
your local laws governing raffles.
15. School rummage or clothing sale – Clothing sales can be very successful and are a good
way for families to purchase affordable clothes as their families grow.

Hope this helps :)

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