Panasonic VIERA TC-L47E50 47-Inch 1080p 60Hz Full HD IPS LED-LCD TV

Panasonic VIERA TC-L47E50 47-Inch 1080p 60Hz Full HD IPS LED-LCD TV
Updated on : March 8, 2013
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Panasonic VIERA TC-L47E50 47-Inch 1080p 60Hz Full HD IPS LED-LCD TV

Panasonic VIERA TC-L47E50 47-Inch 1080p 60Hz Full HD IPS LED-LCD TV

  • IPS Full LED Panel with 360 Backlight Scanning,1 Year Warranty
  • Vera CONNECT (Wi-Fi Ready)
  • Refresh rate: 120 Hz
  • Thin LED Design: TV without stand (Width x Height x Depth): 43.6-Inch x 26.3-Inch x 1.6-Inch, TV with stand (Width x Height x Depth): 43.6-Inch x 28.1-Inch x 10.6-Inch
  • 2 x Right/Left Channel Speaker – Built-In – 10 Watt

The E50 series features the IPS LED panel, a slim design, and a brilliant picture. It is also Wi-Fi ready and Energy Star certified.

VIERA Connect IPTV – More Fun Comes Via a Cloud Service

VIERA Connect is a cloud service that provides apps in categories like video and music, social networking, games, news and lifestyle, sports, health and fitness. Learn more about the world of Smart VIERA and VIERA Connect here.

Enhance your TV Experience with Popular Apps
Popular apps on VIERA Connect include Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Facebook, Twitter, Wall Street Journal, and huluplus, all optimized for the best user experience. You can have an unlimited number of apps installed because those apps are stored in the cloud, rather than in the TV memory itself.

Learn more about “smart” TVs, how they work, what services are offered by different manufacturers, and exactly what you’ll need to get started at Amazon’s Smart TV Center.

Clicker – Video on Demand Cross Searching
Find your favorite movies and video content easily with one-step searching, which allows you to cross search from multiple VOD services. For ease-of-use, use the quick keyword input on VIERA Connect to help retrieve your desired content faster. Customize your screen by grouping commonly used apps and displaying them on the screen for easier use.

VIERA Remote App Support
The VIERA remote app lets you use a smartphone or tablet device as a remote control. Tap and flick-based commands are intuitive. Use your smartphone as a gamepad for VIERA Connect game applications or your tablet as a touch pad to control what you do on the TV screen. Display the same web pages on both your VIERA screen and your smartphone with a simple flick. Simply “swipe” and share your favorite photos, music, and movies from your smartphone to your VIERA TV anytime.


Communicate with Family and Friends
The social networking TV app allows you to access social network sites and communicate with your loved ones while watching TV. Watch live sports games while upping the excitement by chatting with your friends as the game unfolds. Record an original message and set it as your answering voice message. Callers can record messages onto an SD Card (min. 512MB required), while you are away. *Skype camera not included with TV purchase

Beautiful Images from Anywhere – Wide Viewing Angle

The IPS LED Panel panel delivers a wide 178° viewing angle, you see clear, vibrant images from every seat in the room. The backlight features a wide transmission aperture that enhances contrast between light and dark and improves response to provide smoother motion images.

Expressive, Lifelike Colors and Beautifully Reproduced Crisp Lines

Diagonal lines and edges are detected with high precision for all types of images, and optimal correction is applied to achieve beautiful, noise-free lines. People’s faces are detected and skin tones are corrected to ensure soft, natural complexions.

The Perfect Smart TV Experience: A Suite of Technologies

DLNA/Built-in Wi-Fi
The E50 series has DLNA compatibility and is Wi-Fi ready. It requires a separate wireless LAN adaptor which is not included with purchase.

360 Backlight Scanning
By increasing the panel refresh to 120Hz with a 3-phase backlight system, crystals are more active and responsive than 120Hz standard systems to minimize image softening under motion. 360 backlight scanning allows for smooth images, without flicker, even in fast-moving scenes. Afterimages are thoroughly reduced by finer blinking. 

Operate Multiple Systems with Just One Remote Control through VIERA Link

The E50 features VIERA Link, a technology that allows a consumer to operate all VIERA Link compatible AV components using only the TV’S remote control. Just point the VIERA remote at your TV, and the signal will travel over the HDMI wires to the right piece of equipment, like your Panasonic Blu-ray or DVD player or Home Cinema Surround System.
This is both NTSC and Pal compatible.

Environmentally Friendly

The new and improved high efficient LED/LCD panels reduce targeted power consumption up to 25% over the 2011 models. The E50 series is Energy Star certified and has a long-life panel.

Inputs/Outputs: 4x HDMI Audio/Video In (Side),1x RCA Composite Video In (Bottom), 1x RCA Composite Audio In (Bottom), 1x RCA Component Video In (Bottom), 1x RCA Component Audio In (Bottom), 1x VGA Video In (Bottom), 2x USB 2.0 Audio/Video In (Bottom) and 1x Ethernet LAN In (Bottom).

What’s In the Box:
Panasonic Smart VIERA 47-Inch Class E50 Series Full HD LED HDTV, Remote Control, 2 x AA Batteries, Pedestal (TBL5ZX0037), Owner’s Manual, Child Safety Guide, Quick Start Guide, Product Registration Card (U.S.A.) and 1 Year Warranty.

2012 Panasonic VIERA LCD-LED HDTV Comparison Chart

U5 C5
47″, 55″
47″, 55″
42″, 47″, 55″
42″, 47″, 55″
32″, 37″, 42″, 47″
24″, 32″
HD Resolution
1080p Full HD 3D
1080p Full HD 3D
1080p Full HD 3D
3/1; 1/1
PC Input
1 SD Slot/1 PC

1 SD Slot/1 PC
1 SD Slot/1 PC

1 SD Slot/1 PC

1 SD Slot/1 PC
1 SD Slot/1 PC
1 PC
1 PC
Clear Panel Pro

Clear Panel Pro

Clear Panel

Clear Panel

Clear Panel

LCD Panel

LCD Panel

LCD Panel
178 Degree Viewing Angle
32″ Only


HDMI 1.4 w/ Audio Return Channel
32″ Only

Media Player (SD, USB, DLNA)

32″ Only

DLNA Capability (via LAN)

Wi-Fi Capability
Built-in Wi-Fi
Built-in Wi-Fi
Built-in Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi Ready
Wi-Fi Ready

Smartphone Remote Function*
VIERA Connect
Social Networking TV
Skype Communication*
3D Real Sound
2D-3D Conversion
w/ Face Detection

Web Contents Smoother

1920 Backlight Scanning

24p Cinematic Playback


Pro Settings

VIERA Touch Pad Controller

Local Dimming

Multitask Function

360 Backlight Scanning

USB Player

Safe N Sound Hi Liner SG Booster Seat Baby Mode Australia

Hi-Liner SG (Safe Guard) is the first Expandable Booster Seat designed with slots in the seat cover and shell. This child booster seat is compatible with Safe-n-Sound Protecta™ Harness for added safety. Deep side wings contain your child’s head and body, and in the event of a crash they sheild your child from impacting with the vehicle door. The EPS foam liner provides additional protection and in the event of a crash absorbs energy, protecting your child’s head. The one hand adjustable headrest is simple to change height to comfortably fit child. The red colour coded seat belt guides indicate the path and positioning of seat belt for ease of use. Includes arm rests,retractable cup holders and Messy Mat. Suitable for children 14-26kg.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

Question by azarizonagirl: Does anyone know a good website to find out the safety ratings for infant car seats?
I am looking into the Combi Zeus Convertible Car Seat but also want info on other infant seats. I have read recalls where some detached from the base during accidents.

Best answer:

Answer by Ab K
Consumer Reports

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What customers say about Panasonic VIERA TC-L47E50 47-Inch 1080p 60Hz Full HD IPS LED-LCD TV

  1. Btbluesky says:
    687 of 709 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    2 things:IPS Picture quality, and Motion Picture Setting…, April 22, 2012

    This review is from: Panasonic VIERA TC-L47E50 47-Inch 1080p 60Hz Full HD IPS LED-LCD TV (Electronics)

    As a programmer and a gamer, I have my share of expensive monitors (just ask my wife!). And the regular LCD TV never satisfy my quality standard; colors are either too cartonish, black is not black, and white is tinted blue. So I have only used plasma as TV. It’s warm, have rich real color, it’s perfect for movie night, there is no argument there.

    So for my second TV, which in my study and music room, I want to try something else, since I keep hearing the LED LCD are the bomb nowaday (even most of them still do not look as life like as good plasma to me), the energy usage is low, thin and light. So I try my first LED LCD with this model after researching the latest 2012 models within my “2nd tv” price range.

    Sales person kept pushing LG (got magic wand, apps, thin bezel…..), but for me, IPS is the magic word. For people who do not know what it is just google “IPS panel”, if no time, just know this, IPS is supposedly the best panel you can get as LCD panel (I believe all big Apple monitors are IPS, no exception), color is more vivid and the view angle should be a perfect 178.

    Got the baby home, set it up, hook up to my 15TB home server w/ HDMI, play some 1080p clips. Wow, it’s so clear and real looking, this is some great monitor/TV I told myself. Flipped to the movies folder, open Avatar, wow, so this is 120hz, looking real smooth, real clear.

    IN FACT, it’s so real and clear, I double check my refresh rate (at 60hz from source) all the codecs. The images looks like a pre-rendered animation, totally flawless. But after the first 5 minutes, it feels kind of weird to me as the movie somehow look much smoother, but “cheaper” at the same time. Then I remember the stuff I heard….soap opera effect.

    I never consider my eyes to be sensitive in any case (if anything, years of looking at multi 27″ monitor should have desensitized me…), so whenever I heard SOE, I’d just brush it off as some people’s sensitive eyes. IT’S NOT, it’s very much noticeable to anyone, albeit some people just don’t care about it when watching movies in the first place. In 300, all the grains are gone! Now it’s really looking like animation, watching them fighting the monsters.

    By now, 2 hours after I unpacked it, I’m panicking and start looking at all the menu items. After much google, some site suggested to use Game mode, so the TV wouldn’t add additional frames by itself to smooth out the frames. BINGO, the movies are looking absolutely stunning, got the good colors, no bleeding, black is pretty black (not as black as the best plasma…but blacker than most mid price monitors out there, which is a tall order for this size and price). So I open up some calibration graphic test for monitor and tune it abit, I’m pretty much set — happy.

    BTW I have not try any apps in there, but I tested the iphone app remote, works great.

    So to sum it up, if you just want picture quality with a good price in a LED LCD, not gimmicks like 3D, apps, hair thin bezel, this is it.

    Make sure you understand the usage of GAME MODE, tune the brightness/contrast/color to watch movie, and use all the other ones for TV, personal videos, then it’s good. OTOH, if the SOE do not bother you, doesn’t matter then. The color and contrast will win you over in no time.

    Thanks to helpful reply, the setting to turn off the SOE is under Advance Picture->Motion Picture Setting. Good stuff.

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  2. Kevin Farrell says:
    784 of 836 people found the following review helpful
    2.0 out of 5 stars
    Everything not great, more problems…, July 12, 2012
    Kevin Farrell

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Panasonic VIERA TC-L47E50 47-Inch 1080p 60Hz Full HD IPS LED-LCD TV (Electronics)

    This is my first HDTV purchase. I waited a long time for them to come down in price, and am very happy with this TV so far. I’ve had it for about 3 weeks now and it is working great. I’ve watched various movies, the Euro Cup games, MLB All-star game, etc. As many have pointed out, it has a great picture, but may need some tweeking to get it how you want. This isn’t hard to do if you have basic technology skills (i.e. finding the “Menu” button on remote and going to “Picture,” then playing around with settings). Again, as others have noted, sound is okay. I’m not an audiophile or anything, but like good audio. I’ll probably get a sound bar at some point, but it’s just fine for now. I would not let others criticism of the sound deter you from buying this TV. I have not used the internet ready features, but will once I get a wifi blue ray player hooked up so can’t comment there.

    The biggest issue with the TV is what others have noted – Panasonic’s shoddy packaging. This really surprises me considering the quality of TV. Spend a few more pennies to get an extra layer of card board in there! My box had several holes punched right through it (thanks Fed Ex), fortunately they were all in the back which had more room for error (extra inch or two of depth) than if it were in front where the screen was. If the holes were in the front, whatever punched through the box probably would’ve damaged the screen.

    To summarize – excellent TV that I’m very happy about. Great price, especially with no tax and free shipping. I got the TV, the Mediabridge HDMI cable, and a 3 year warranty for less than what I would have paid for just the TV at a local big box store before tax! Not sure how Amazon does it, but I’m happy to benefit from their methods. The only thing here is you are rolling the dice having such a large item shipped. Be home when it arrives, inspect the box, give it a whirl. If it doesn’t work or has damage then send it back. From the feedback I’ve read, Amazaon is very good about this. Fortunately I did not have to deal with it. I did take pictures of the damaged box though as a precaution.

    I’ll update this in the future if anything changes, but otherwise am very happy! Wait for it to go on sale and Prime it!

    8/2/12 UPDATE – I’ve begun to notice vertical banding – vertical, translucent lines that almost look like shadows, and range in width from 1″ to 4″ across the entire screen. This is PARTICULARLY noticeable when I have been watching olympic soccer or baseball games with the green background when the camera is panning or following the action quickly. You see it at other times when there is a bright background and the camera is moving. I’ve also noted when objects move quickly in movies or shows there is some serious distortion. Other 95% of time picture is great. It is not an HDMI cable or input issue. This is a 120hz TV, so it should not be a refresh rate issue IMO. Here are some links on the topic as it appears to be a common problem w/ LCD and LED tv’s.



    Unfortunately, I’m past my 30 days to return it to Amazon. I bought the Square Trade warranty and talked to them first. They were very friendly and helpful, recommending that I use the Panasonice warranty and if they denied me to call back as they would service it. Initially Panasonic DENIED my claim for warranty service as their customer service determined it was not a “serviceable issue.” They gave me information on how to dispute the decision. I ultimately asked for a supervisor, who cleared it to be serviced w/o me even talking to them. Technician is coming to my house next week and I look forward to seeing what he says b/c according to the links above it may just be a chronic problem LED/LCD tv’s. Even if the tech says it is working properly, I’m still pretty happy with this tv. Panasonic’s customer service is more up in the air at this point. I’d love to hear if anyone else has seen this problem with this TV?

    I’ll post again once I get it serviced and update this again…

    8/7/12 UPDATE – I see they wouldn’t allow me to include my links from my last update…oh well. So the technician came to my house today and noticed the problem right away. I guess that does make it a “serviceable issue.” We enjoyed watching some of the Brazil and S. Korea match for a while. He tried a few things. We reproduced it on other channels and on a DVD. He said it’s not the panel or backlight as he put it to a blue screen and everything was perfect. His best guess was something is wrong with the refresh rate for whatever reason, and noted that since it is a 120hz TV it should not be happening. He said he has not seen this particular issue before, and it looked comparable to what most 60hz TV’s look like. He called it in and described it as a “noisy background.” The person on the other end of the phone tended to agree so they are replacing the “main board” on the TV. On…

    Read more

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  3. UCANTCME says:

    This site has all that you need and good luck…..

  4. littleangelfire81 says:

    There isn’t one – they do not release, or even give, safety ‘ratings’. In the US, car seats only get a pass/fail grade on tests. If its for sale – it passed. The only ratings you can possibly see are ease of use ratings, and they’re frequently not accurrate, b/c their biggest concern is often cost, regardless of how the seat works.

    Consumer Reports is not something you want to listen to for car seat advice. For one, they refuse to release how they do their tests, which as any scientist will say, makes their tests worthless b/c they can’t be repeated. And they frequently recommend seats that car seat techs say not to get. They don’t get the advice of any safety experts, nor do they have CPSTs (child passenger safety technicians) present during the tests.

    Is is pretty much universally agreed upon the Britax makes great seats – but they are not the only great ones out there. When figuring which seat to buy, don’t just look at what it costs, you have to figure in how long you’ll actually get to use it in the cost. Most 40lbs seats will be outgrown before the child hits 3 years old, so 3 years of use for $ 150 is not a great deal. Whereas the Marathon gets 5-6 years of use for $ 249 or less, much better deal along with being easier to use.

    The Combi Zeus is not a highly recommended seat, it is too small to last kids very long, with a very low rear facing weight limit. It will be coming out with a higher weight limit in early ’09. Currently, it only rear faces to a way too low 22lbs, compared to ALL other convertible car seats being 30-35lbs. And the top slots are only 13″ high, compared to the top slots of other seats, that’s paltry, and most kids would outgrow it rear facing at 4-5 months, and outgrow it forward facing by 1-2 years. overall, a sucky seat. If you want the turn feature and have the $ $ , look up the Orbit. Here’s what techs say about the Zeus:

    When shopping Remember these rules:
    1)the BEST seat is the one that fits your child, fits your car, and will be used correctly 100% of the time. (This is why convenience features DO make a difference and ARE worth the money!
    2)children need to stay rear facing as long as possible.
    Turning kids forward at 20lbs/1year is an outdated practice that could cost you your child’s life!
    A)A forward-facing child under 2 years old is 5 times more likely to be killed or seriously injured in a crash than a rear-facing child of the same age.
    B)A child’s vertabrae do not fully fuse until 3-6 years old, before then, she is at great risk for internal decapitation. The spinal column can stretch up to 2 inches in a crash BUT the spinal cord can only stretch up to 1/4 inch before it snaps and baby is gone.
    C)Current research suggests that children under the age of two years are 75 percent less likely to die or be seriously injured when they are riding rear facing.
    D)In a recent article from Injury Prevention, it was found that the odds of severe injury to forward facing children age 12-23 months old was 5.32 times higher than a rear facing child. (Car Safety Seats For Children: Rear Facing For Best Protection; Injury Prevention 2007; 13:398-402.)
    3)Once you do turn them forward facing, they need to stay in a 5 point harness as long as possible. 4 years/40lbs is the minimum for riding in a booster, and most 4 year olds have no business using one yet. If they can’t sit upright for an entire trip, they need the harness of a car seat still. And, even if they do sit properly, a 5 point harness is safer, so you want to keep them in one as long as possible. This is important to consider b/c most car seats only forward face to 40lbs.

    So…knowing all that, here’s some about specific seats. Don’t get a Graco Comfort Sport. Car seat techs call it the ‘crappysport’. LOL Its a crappy seat that won’t last your child very long b/c it has a really short shell. The straps twist all the time, and if they’re twisted they won’t support your child in a wreck properly. They’re hard to install. There’s nothing good about these seats except perhaps they’re cheap sometimes. Ditto the Safety1st 3-in-1/Cosco Alpha Omega/Eddie Bauer 3-in1 seats. These are all the same company – same seat, just different covers. They stink. Hard to install, b/c of narrow belt paths. Ever tried to wash a skinny cup by hand? Now imagine that skinny cup with pointy edges. That’s what putting your hand through these to install them is like. AND they have too short a shell to really go to 40lbs. And that’s another misleading thing the box says – 5-100lbs. What the box fails to mention (you don’t find out until reading the manual!) is that the harness only goes to 40lbs, NOT 100lbs! After 40lbs it must be used as a booster.And they do not make good boosters. Also, most kids have to use boosters until they’re at least 8 years old. Car seats expire 6 years after the date of manufacture, so no matter what they say it is NOT the last seat you’ll ever need to buy…Had to edit this part now, b/c Dorel has revamped the 3-in-1s, and if make sure you get an ALpha Omega Elite or 3-in-1 that specifically says up to 50lbs, its not a bad seat. The Triumph Advance and Britax Marathon install a heck of a lot easier, but the AOE is an ok option as long as its the new one.

    The Britax Marathon/Boulevard/Decathalon (These 3 are the same seat, just different features. The Marathon a wide open easy to route belt path, which makes using it correctly a lot easier, as do the built in lockoffs, which mean you never again have to use a locking clip. Because of the way the base is made, it fits in most cars. And, it is worth the money, b/c it lasts usually twice as long as most other car seats lasting a baby till they are 5-6 years old, where most at Walmart will only last till 2-4 years old. Rear faces to 33lbs, then forward to 65lbs. and top slots 17inches tall, lasts most kids to ages 5-6 years old.

    The Evenflo Triumph Advance (not the original Triumph, make sure it says Advance) is a great seat. Top slots 17″, harnesses to 35lbs rear facing, and 50lbs forward facing. Wide open belt path, easy to install. The harness adjusts at the front of the car seat, you don’t have to take the car seat out of the car just to raise/lower the straps. It has infinite harness adjustment so the harness always fits perfectly until its outgrown. You tighten and loosen the harness using knobs on the side of the seat. It can be used in a recline position even in forward facing mode.

    The Compass True Fit, same as First Years True Fit, is great too. 16.5 inch top harness slots, half inch shorter than the Britax Marathon and Evenflo Triumph Advance. Rear faces to 35lbs, forward faces to 65lbs, has built-in lockoffs, and you never have to rethread the harness to change harness height. The headrest is removable to fit better in smaller cars.

    In the foreground is a forward facing seat, in the background a rear facing seat. You can see how much trauma the forward facing dummy has to endure. The rear facing child simply rides it out.

    Here’s another video. You can see how there is NO trauma to the baby, it simply sits there waiting for it to end.

    The story of a child who suffered severe injuries from being forward facing when he could’ve been rear facing:

  5. ketchupklf says:

    Just wanted to give a shorter answer that I think will really help you: Read the *loooong* answer you were given!

    LOL… I know it’s tempting to brush over a very long answer like that… but I’ve read a lot of this posters answers and A) He/She know his/her stuff and B) This answer has a lot of good personalized info right on point to your quiestion.

    I don’t know quite as much about individual seats… because with our finances we really have to go as cheap as possible. But I’m all about knowing the ‘best practices’ in car seat use. The safety info and shopping guides here: may help some also… but really… read the long answer. :)