NFL Cleveland Browns Car Seat Cover

NFL Cleveland Browns Car Seat Cover
Updated on : March 23, 2013
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NFL Cleveland Browns Automobile Seat Cover

NFL Cleveland Browns Auto Seat Cover

  • One particular Car Seat Cover
  • 1 Size Fits Most
  • one hundred% Polyester with Urethane Foam Backing
  • Characteristics Bold Team Logo Graphics

NFL Cleveland Browns Automobile Seat Cover

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  1. James Jones "Jim" says:
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    Car seat cover, March 7, 2010
    James Jones “Jim” (OH, US) –

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    This review is from: NFL Cleveland Browns Car Seat Cover (Sports)

    I’ve had the seat covers for awhile now and they’re excellent! One minor issue was trying to get them to secure to the seat using the ties that are sewn on. On my 2010 Mazda3, the ties can’t quite connect. I had to find a spot to secure them to the seat. A very small issue and other than that they fine.

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