MLB Seattle Mariners Car Seat Cover

MLB Seattle Mariners Car Seat Cover
Updated on : May 31, 2013
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MLB Seattle Mariners Auto Seat Cover

MLB Seattle Mariners Auto Seat Cover

  • 1 Auto Seat Cover
  • A single Size Fits Most
  • 100% Polyester with Urethane Foam Backing
  • Attributes Bold Group Logo Graphics

Automobile Seat Cover slips easily over most car seats and has a back strap for a much more secure fit. For a much more comfortable really feel this vehicle seat cover has the benefit of a soft padding. Team Logo is huge padded embroidery that makes a gorgeous statement to passerby’s even when you are not about.

All of Ken Griffey Jr’s and Mark McGwire’s home runs from the 1997 season (in order). R.I.P. Dave Niehaus activism, marketing, alcohol, alternative-news, a…

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    The product came in 2 packages. For some reason they mailed 2 of the same products in 2 different shipments. When the products game in they were in great shape, brand new. They products are amazing.

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  2. SN0WMASS says:

    Yeah lets not forget about the roids. They helped out a bit too. 

  3. metaphoria3 says:

    You’re gross

  4. ZipGB8 says:

    The one off Hershiser at 0:48 was the longest home run in Progressive Field history. Hit the Budweiser sign above the bleachers. They said 523 feet. That’s what steroids will do to you. The longest HR there would have been Thome’s 496 foot one to center that same season. But people have to cheat I guess.

  5. Ryan Schwark says:

    Hey where did you get the footage of mark mcgwire’s randy johnson blast? This is the only place on youtube i’ve seen it.

  6. FunnyMasterMayberry says:

    I honestly think that barry and mcGwire also canseco need to be taken off the record books, If it werent for them and steroids, griffey would ease up to at LEAST #3 on the all time home run list instead of #6

  7. pdog44450 says:

    Fucking hate McGuire that steroid taking bitch. Him and Bonds are such disgraces. Griffey Jr. on the other hand is one of the best to ever play in my opinion. What an incredible baseball player

  8. Crackles McFarly says:

    n-word lyrics in this music. And who is saying this word more?

    Does the n-word rap song fill Griffey fans with pride or?

  9. sullybaseball says:

    Griffey was the best I ever saw

  10. chris Reed says:

    I learned from this video no one actually saw these homeruns. Did you see how empty many of those stadiums were? Steroids did save baseball.

  11. Ill Barry says:

    The ball hit in the seats first in the upper deck, and it wasn’t that high up in the upper deck, I still have that game on the old VHS! In the Kingdome right field was much closer to the stands, and hence the upper deck Hrs, thats why the fence there was much higher. In left the stands were further away and a shorter fence. Where the ball hit there was not anyone close there that night because it was a small crowd in the day you could go sit behind the dugout in late innings.

  12. Ill Barry says:

    And he was a gold glove center fielder to boot! The Griffeys are a once in a generation. The McGwires and Sosa’s are really a dime a dozen, Big guys and in there cases artificial that boosted their stats!  Griffey never needed to just like the perfect golf swing! We can only wish in golf in baseball a pitcher is throwing the ball!!

  13. Ill Barry says:

    Jay Buhner, a great ball player who never had the stats for consideration, gold glover, over 300 hrs in an injury riddled carear never did riods, but could have had the same numbers of McGuire and Sosa if he had.

  14. Ill Barry says:

    It increased awareness of vision.

  15. Ill Barry says:

    They didn’t save baseball at all the strike was in ’94. In ’95 all the fans were back in the stadiums. Griffey had two back to back lagit 56 HR seasons whithout riods! Niether Sosa or Mcguire was a great fielder so it would have to be their offensive numbers and those numbers are tainted! The were cheaters and lets not forget the korked bat!! They will never get in the HOF!!

  16. Ill Barry says:

    Griffey had one of the sweetest swings ever, just pure motion to drive a ball. He didn’t have to be as big as McGwire and McGwire would have still been good without the riods and its too bad he chose that rout he was a good athlete who had been a pitcher and Randy Johnsons teamate in college and better than him at the time. Over 630 Hrs legit by Griffey and a gold glove center fielder to boot one of the best ALL TIME! A Pleasure to watch in the field and at bat

  17. Jeremy Bates says:

    I don’t care if McGwire used steroids or not. He and Sammy Sosa saved baseball, and for that, they should be in the Hall of Fame. Plus, I’m not sure about Sosa, but Mark McGwire retired prior to the 2002 season, when steroids were officially made illegal in Major League Baseball.

    The Hall of Fame should not be decided by these imbecile sportswriters. All players, managers, and general managers, current and retired, should be the ones voting people into Cooperstown.

  18. teeveedee5 says:

    mcgwire hits it like he just grabbed a bat for the first time