Maisto 2009 Mercedes-Benz SL550

Maisto 2009 Mercedes-Benz SL550
Updated on : August 31, 2013
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Maisto 2009 Mercedes-Benz SL550

Maisto 2009 Mercedes-Benz SL550

  • Big approximately 9-1/two” replicas, die-cast metal body with plastic parts
  • Opening doors and hood, complete-function steering
  • Four wheel suspension, adjustable seat back on most models
  • Detailed chassis with separate exhaust method
  • Mounted on a plastic stand

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Question by gotsquestions: How has the automobile changed throughout the 20th century?

Greatest answer:

Answer by UCANTCME
Best 10 safety technologies………..

Tire-pressure monitoring
The National Highway Site visitors Security Administration has essential that all U.S. passenger cars weighing 10,000 pounds or significantly less be equipped with a tire-pressure monitoring program by the 2008 model year. But it really is already a security function in most new autos. (For example, BMW provides this as common gear on all of its models.) Sensors at the wheels are able to alert you if the air pressure is too low by an audible warning, a light on the instrument panel, or both. You might also see much more vehicles with run-flat tires (the Corvette, amongst the present offerings), which permit a vehicle to continue to run at a reasonably higher price of speed for 50-plus miles.

Adaptive cruise handle/collision mitigation
Modern day cruise manage goes beyond just preserving a constant speed. Thanks to sensors and the use of radar, cruise control can now adjust the throttle and brakes to keep a safe distance from the car in front of you if there are changes in targeted traffic speed or if a slowpoke cuts in. If the program senses a possible collision, it usually will brake challenging and tighten the seatbelts. Once it knows the lane is clear or traffic has sped up, it will return your automobile to its original cruising speed, all without having your input. Of course, you could override the program by touching the brakes. The Mercedes-Benz and Maybach systems go by a significantly less clear name: Distronic.

Blind-spot detection/side assist/collision warning
This technology is made to alert you to cars or objects in your blind spot during driving or parking, or each. Usually it will respond when you place on your turn signal if it detects some thing in the way, it could flash a light in your mirror, result in the seat or steering wheel to vibrate, or sound an alarm. This is a lot more of a short-range detection technique.

Lane-departure warning/wake-you-up security
This is related to blind-spot/side-help technologies but with far more variety. It judges an approaching vehicle’s speed and distance to warn you of prospective danger if you modify lanes. It can also warn if it determines your vehicle is wandering out of the lane, which could be valuable if you turn into distracted. This could come in the kind of a vibration by means of the seat or steering wheel, or an alarm. Down the road anticipate lane-departure warning to even be able to monitor body posture, head position and eye activity to determine if the driver is falling asleep and the vehicle is behaving erratically. At that point, the technique could even be capable of slowing the vehicle down and engaging stability handle. Just in case.

Rollover prevention/mitigation
Most automakers provide an electronic stability control method, and some supply a preparation method (seatbelts tighten, rollbars extend). However, what we’re talking about is much more intelligent than that. If the method senses a possible rollover (such as if you whip around a corner also rapidly or swerve sharply), it will apply the brakes and modulate throttle as necessary to support you maintain control. DaimlerChrysler calls it Electronic Roll Mitigation, Ford named it Roll Stability Control, and GM’s is Proactive Roll Avoidance. Range Rover’s is Active Roll Mitigation, whilst Volvo’s is called Roll-More than Protection Technique. But they all have the exact same purpose.

Occupant-sensitive/dual-stage airbags
All humans are not designed equal, and airbags are evolving to compensate in the form of low-risk, multistage and occupant-sensitive deployment. Technologies can now sense the distinct sizes and weights of occupants as effectively as seatbelt usage, abnormal seating position (such as reaching for the radio or bending to pick some thing off the floor), rear-facing youngster seats and even vehicle speed. Although driver, passenger and side curtain airbags are nothing new, sensing airbags are popping up (so to speak) everywhere.

Emergency brake assist/collision mitigation
This brake technologies is diverse from an antilock braking method or electronic brakeforce distribution, in that it recognizes when the driver makes a panic cease (a quick shift from gas to brake pedal) and will apply extra brake pressure to help shorten the stopping distance. It might also work in conjunction with the smart cruise control or stability handle technique in some vehicles if it senses a prospective collision. It is often called brake assist, even though BMW, for instance, refers to it as Dynamic Brake Handle.

Adaptive headlights and/or evening-vision help
Evening vision can be executed in distinct types, such as infrared headlamps or thermal-imaging cameras. But no matter the science, the purpose is the very same: to assist you see farther down the road and to spot animals, people or trees in the path — even at nearly 1,000 feet away. An image is generated by way of a cockpit display, brightening the objects that are challenging to see with the naked eye. Adaptive headlights comply with the path of the automobile (bending the light as you go about corners). They could also be speed-sensitive (altering beam length or height), or compensate for ambient light.

Rearview camera
Rearview cameras not only protect your automobile, but also protect youngsters and animals from accidental back-overs. Backing up your auto has graduated from side mirrors tilting down or causing chirps and beeps to actual-time viewing. New-college tech requires a camera that performs with the navigation technique to supply a wide-open shot of what’s taking place behind you to aid with parking or hooking up a trailer.

Emergency response
There are a selection of methods autos now and in the future will deal with an emergency predicament. For instance, DaimlerChrysler’s Enhanced Accident Response Method (EARS) turns on interior lighting, unlocks doors and shuts off fuel when airbags deploy, even though Volkswagen’s also switches on the hazards and disconnects the battery terminal from the alternator. In addition, GM’s OnStar and BMW Assist each alert their respective response centers of the accident and make crash details obtainable to emergency personnel.

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