Leonardo da Vinci for Kids: His Life and Ideas, 21 Activities (For Kids series)

Leonardo da Vinci for Kids: His Life and Ideas, 21 Activities (For Kids series)
Updated on : March 14, 2013
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Leonardo da Vinci for Kids: His Life and Ideas, 21 Activities (For Kids series)

Leonardo da Vinci for Kids: His Life and Ideas, 21 Activities (For Kids series)

The marriage of art and science is celebrated in this beautifully illustrated four-color biography and activity book. Kids will begin to understand the important discoveries that da Vinci made through inspiring activities like determining the launch angle of a catapult, sketching birds and other animals, creating a map, learning to look at a painting, and much more. Includes a glossary, bibliography, listing of pertinent museums and Web sites, a timeline, and many interesting sidebars.

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What customers say about Leonardo da Vinci for Kids: His Life and Ideas, 21 Activities (For Kids series)

  1. Lawrance M. Bernabo says:
    60 of 60 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    A juvenile history of Da Vinci with 21 related activites, February 7, 2004
    Lawrance M. Bernabo (The Zenith City, Duluth, Minnesota) –
    (TOP 1000 REVIEWER)

    This review is from: Leonardo da Vinci for Kids: His Life and Ideas, 21 Activities (For Kids series) (Paperback)

    I have been going through some of the books by Janis Herbert and others than combine history with 21 activities, and as interesting as I have found those volumes to be I have to say I like the ones that deal with artists even more. “Leonardo da Vinci for Kids: His Life and Ideas” combines a detailed juvenile biography of the life of the great inventor, military engineer, scientist, botanist, and mathematician who found time to be a great painter and sculptor as well. This was the man who painted the “Mona Lisa” and invented the armored tank, diving suit, bicycle and airplane centuries before they were built. He is also an important figure in what has been the novel that has been at the top of the bestseller list for like the past year.

    The biography is divided into four sections, focusing on Leonardo’s youth in Vinci, his years as a young apprentice, his period of greatest productivity in Milan, and his final years in Venice and France. The volume is illustrated with dozens of pictures of Leonardo’s paintings and sketches, and the back of the book includes a Glossary, Biographies of key Renaissance artists (Botticelli, Michelangeo, etc.) and historical figures (Cesare Borgia, Ludovico Sforza, etc.), Web Sites to Explore, places where you can see some of Da Vinci’s work, a Bibliography, Credits, and an Index.

    The other half of the book are the 21 activities and the art lessons, because in addition to detailing da Vinci’s life Herbert talks about perspective, vanishing points and the like. Some of these are just basic art lessons, such as sketching things by observing nature, painting birds, decorating a jar for holding paintbrushes, and making a small picture frame. Others are specific to the artwork of da Vinci, such as making a life mask, lute, notebook, a parachute kite, and learning to measure human bodies the way Leonardo did. You can even make a minestrone soup in honor of Leonardo the vegetarian or Salai’s aniseed sweets. Still others deal with the history of the time, such as making a banner.

    The net result is that “Leonardo da Vinci for Kids” does more than tell the story of his life and show examples of his great artwork, but provides young readers with an opportunity to try and do the same things. This book is also of great use to teachers doing units on Leonardo, the Renaissance, or art, who will be able to find both information and activities they can use in class.

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  2. Anonymous says:
    37 of 39 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    STUNNING!, July 28, 2000
    By A Customer
    This review is from: Leonardo da Vinci for Kids: His Life and Ideas, 21 Activities (For Kids series) (Paperback)

    This book is absolutely amazing. It is interesting, informative, well-written, gorgeously illustrated and entertaining. While it is true that this book may be a bit difficult for the average child at the lower end of the age range it is directed to, it is perfect for older children and the more talented younger children. Ms. Herbert’s true genius, however, is in producing a book that adults can learn from and enjoy while they are assisting their children with the activities set out in the book — or even if they don’t have or work with children. After getting this book, I also got Ms. Herbert’s next two books — “The Civil War for Kids” and “Lewis and Clark for Kids” — which are also wonderful. Get them all!

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  3. Anonymous says:
    28 of 29 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    I learned as much from this book as much as my students did!, October 9, 2001
    By A Customer
    This review is from: Leonardo da Vinci for Kids: His Life and Ideas, 21 Activities (For Kids series) (Paperback)

    I was surprised to see even one negative review of this wonderful book. I think it can be enjoyed equally by both parent/teacher and child/student. The text is beautifully written and presents all of the facets of this fascinating man. It also places his activities firmly within the context of the politics and society of the Renaissance. The book includes explanations, in language a middle-school child can understand, how flight is possible and how canals and locks work. A wide variety of activities, as well as line drawings, are included to illustrate other key concepts in painting, mechanics, etc. I cannot agree with the reviewer who felt that too few of Leonardo’s works were included; I felt it included his most important works, as well as an interesting array of his mechanical, nature and anatomical drawings. As a teacher, I suggest using this book in combination with E.L. Konigsberg’s “The Second Mrs. Gioconda”; my students really enjoyed seeing how novelists can use facts as the basis for fiction. I finished this book awed by the range of Leonardo’s gifts and both my own daughters (one a reader, one an artist) loved this book for different reasons. But they both came away knowing about and loving Leonardo and that’s the important thing!I only wish that this author would do a book on “Michaelangelo for Kids.”

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  4. ketchupklf says:

    Britax are great… but out of my price range. If you are in the same boat another good option to look at would be the Graco Nautilus… much cheaper but will keep her harnessed to 65 pounds and then booster her to 100 pounds. My two middle kids (4 1/2 yrs and 6 yrs) use them and we like them a lot.

    Oh… and current expert ‘best practices’ recommendations are to harness the child *as long as possible* (notice that even adult race car drivers use a 5 point harness)… so a Britax or other ‘high harness weight’ (typically 65 to 80 pounds) is never a bad idea. Experts also recommend a *bare minimum* of 4 yrs and 40 pounds *and* mature enough to stay seated properly for the entire trip before moving up to a booster seat.

  5. soliton says:

    Consumer Search lists two Britax models as the best. Here’s what they say about the Britax Roundabout:

    Best convertible car seat.
    While it may seem like an expensive purchase at first glance, the Roundabout is the least expensive Britax car seat. In crash tests and car seat reviews, the Roundabout has proven itself one of the safest car seats on the market, and parents say it is easy to install and to use. The Roundabout can be used in the rear-facing position for babies up to 33 pounds, making it a solid choice for kids who may outgrow other rear-facing seats before they’re one year old. In the front-facing position, the Roundabout is rated for kids up to 40 pounds. This car seat is smaller and less bulky than the Britax Boulevard, but the Boulevard can be used for kids up to 65 pounds, so you’d be able to use it longer.

    The legal restrictions for car seat use vary by state, but at this point many states are requiring that kids continue to use them until age 6 or 7. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends children remain in booster seats until they reach 4-feet-9 inches tall or 80 pounds. So that’s probably the best guideline to follow.

    I hope this helps!!