Infantino Renew Car Seat Cover, Chained Up

Infantino Renew Car Seat Cover, Chained Up
Updated on : May 12, 2013
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Infantino Renew Auto Seat Cover, Chained Up

Infantino Renew Car Seat Cover, Chained Up

  • Universal design fits most infant, toddler and booster seats
  • Distinctive elastic appears hold cover securely in location
  • Does not interfere with automobile seat manufacturer’s belting program
  • 100% cotton and machine washable
  • Adjustable center opening fits all safety harness sizes

Infantino Renew Car Seat Cover – Chained Up

Put some fresh style on your small one’s automobile seat witht this simple stretch-to-fit cover that characteristics comfy fabrics and designer patterns.

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Query by Jude’s mummy: Where can I rent a childs vehicle seat in cleveland?
Is there any spot exactly where I can rent a babys automobile seat in cleveland? I am going as well be visiting there, and unfortunally I can not take his automobile seat since I can not afford also acquire him his own seat on the plane. He has as well be on my lap. Or where I can buy one particular for low-cost? Thanx a bunch
Thanks too absolutely everyone for their input. I got a seat for my son.

Ideal answer:

Answer by grandma
There are some organizations that give them totally free. Regrettably I never know they are names. Verify on line for Totally free or Low-cost vehicle seats. I think some Police, Firehouses and the such, also at occasions supply free vehicle seats. Get in touch with Police, Firehouses and Division of Motor Vehicles. I feel I saw an ad in my DMV providing totally free auto seat. Have your relatives verify ahead for you. Very good Luck!

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What customers say about Infantino Renew Car Seat Cover, Chained Up

  1. Ariel says:
    5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great cover for rental car seats!, March 27, 2011

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Infantino Renew Car Seat Cover, Chained Up (Baby Product)

    Love this product! Rental car companies do not clean children’s car seats or booster seats so this is a nice way to make sure you child is not sitting in other kids grunge. This fit the basic seat that the rental car company provided and also fit our Britax Frontier 85.

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  2. Amanda says:
    3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
    2.0 out of 5 stars
    no too pleased, August 21, 2012

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    This review is from: Infantino Renew Car Seat Cover, Chained Up (Baby Product)

    Though it looks great and keeps crumbs out of my daughters seat,(I bought it in an effort to perserve our car seat for our second daugther) we have a britax marathon. the velcro doesn’t stay together at all and after one wash it is coming apart at the seams. I order two and am returning the second and looking for something else.

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  3. Chanel Nicole says:

    Couldnt you just check his car seat in with the rest of your luggage??

  4. dementwood says:

    Car rental place

  5. littleangelfire81 says:

    Well, I’m going to be the bearer of major bad news here, but please understand it is in the interest of keeping your baby safe. :) So don’t hate the messenger. lol

    1st off – he really should use a car seat on the plane. Think about it – when he’s 2 years old you won’t have the option of even saying I’m not going to buy him one. Its ludicrous that a baby is allowed to be less safe than a toddler or adult. Some people use the argument that plane crashes are fatal what good would a car seat do? Well – plane crashes are extraordinarily rare – its not the crash you want him in his seat for. Its the severe turbulence, rocky landings and such. You will NOT be able to keep him in your arms in the event of bad turbulence or any other problems. Its for this reason that flight attendants refer to lap babies as ‘missiles’. That’s right – you’re precious child is a missile. They give the count as 120 pax and 2 missiles. B/c in any problems, lap babies go flying like missiles and will get injured and injure other people as well. Airlines only even offer the lap baby option b/c they figure it helps ticket sales to families with young children.

    You aren’t required to, but its a really good idea to take one. Kids do better when they have their seat on the plane, same as in the car. They are less likely to want to run around and such since they are used to being put in a car seat whenever traveling. And believe it are not, they are safer. Should turbulence happen, they are less likely to be injured or scared.

    Another thing to consider: will you be doing any traveling by car once you get to your destination? Then you will need the car seat anyway, or you will have to purchase one when you get there. Do not rely on a car seat from a rental company! Its dangerous. Car seats expire 6 years after the date of manufacture, and are not safe if not taken care of properly. It must never have been in a wreck, never dropped, include all the original pieces and manual, and be installed correctly, something the rental staff will not help you with. On that note, remember too, that it is better NOT to check car seats as luggage. Think of how your luggage gets banged around – well, if your car seat gets banged around, it is no longer safe to use. A car seat is only made to withstand being dropped/in an accident once! And if it gets dropped and you don’t know about it, you unwittingly put your child in danger. Better all around to take the seat on the plane.

    And the airline is very unlikely to replace the seat if they do damage it. Just check to make sure that your car seat is FAA approved for aircraft use, should say so somewhere on a label on the seat.

    And on to the next piece of bad news – rental seats are a major no-no. They are frequently expired, missing pieces and/or instructions, or not even the correct car seat for your child’s age/size. A car seat tech with a 9 week old baby was handed a front facing only car seat to put her baby in. And it was old and nasty.

    Saving money is NOT worth your child’s life. If you can’t afford to keep your child safe, you can’t afford to go.

  6. Abby says:

    Why not bring your own seat, and use it on the plane if possible (sometimes, if there is an empty seat, they’ll let you use your seat), otherwise, gate check it. This way, you have your seat, which you know how to use, you know fits your kid, and then your not spending anymore money.