HiSense BabySense V Baby Safe Infant Movement Monitor

HiSense BabySense V Baby Safe Infant Movement Monitor
Updated on : January 20, 2013
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HiSense BabySense V Infant Protected Infant Movement Monitor

HiSense BabySense V Child Secure Infant Movement Monitor

  • Babysense V is not a healthcare device.
  • Premature and high-threat infants must be below supervision of a physician or health professional.
  • Continual monitoring of your baby’s slightest movement.
  • Auditory and Visual (red light) alarm is activated if baby’s motions quit for far more than 20 seconds or if the monitor detects much less than 10 micro-movements per minute.
  • A secure and integrated program: Monitoring unit is connected to sensor pads placed between mattress and crib or bed base.

Overview: The simplest and most dependable monitor accessible, the BabysenseTM V is comprised of two really sensitive sensor pads which are placed below the baby’s mattress, and a high speed microprocessor manage unit.The manage unit alerts you with a loud alarm if it does not detect any movement for 20 seconds or if it detects much less then 10 micro-movements per minute. Even the slightest body motions are registered as movement. BabysenseTM V is not a medical device. It monitors and alerts, but cannot avoid any variety of distress. The responsibility of help rests on you. BabysenseTM V senses movements and motion only and can’t monitor other occurrences. The goal of the device is to alert you when stopping or slowing of movement happens.Characteristics: Green light flashes to indicate movements Red alert alarm light Low battery indicator light Suitable for infants up to age one particular Needs no direct get in touch with with your child Straightforward One-button Activation Activation button safely cover ABS plastic exterior Powers by four AA Regular 1.five V Batteries (not included)/ Dimensions: Sensor Panels 268 x 438 mm / Manage Unit 113 x 157 x 35 mm

YouTube has removed the music from this video, to view it with the original music, please go to: www.kyledavidmiller.org or http PLEASE READ THIS After YOU WATCH THE VIDEO…Really Essential Details… Statistics show that 90% of all children’s car seats are incorrectly employed or installed! To uncover a place to get your carseat installation inspected, go to: www.safekids.org and click on “Locate a Technician” on the right. **********NEWS************ We have begun a non-profit foundation lately in honor and memory of Kyle. (please view our new video on YouTube.) You can uncover the webpage right here – www.kyledavidmiller.org Our mission is to preserve young children in a 5pt safety harness up to 80lbs – we are accepting applications from households who cannot afford to purchase these automobile seats and are supplying those seats through the tax-cost-free donations you can make through the website. We also have auto seat safety information posted and will answer any query you have on automobile seat safety by means of the make contact with webpage. Please check out the website and support retain as numerous children safe as we can. Please note that the Britax Regent, Britax Frontier and Sunshine Children Radian 80 are the ONLY three auto seats that harness up to 80 pounds. There is a lot of confusion about this since some auto seats will convert to a booster and show a higher weight limit but that weight limit is for the booster mode, not the five-point harness mode. If you do not have one of these three seats, please check your automobile seat manual if your

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What customers say about HiSense BabySense V Baby Safe Infant Movement Monitor

  1. Momt2Threeboyz "Mom2threeboyz" says:
    59 of 59 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Saved my son’s life, December 2, 2009

    = Durability:5.0 out of 5 stars  = Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars  = Educational:5.0 out of 5 stars 

    I purchased this monitor while expecting my third child. I had always been very worried about SIDS when my other two boys were babies, so I thought I would gain nothing but peace of mind when I made this purchase. It definitely accomplished that – I was able to sleep well from the moment I started putting the baby in the bassinet next to my bed knowing that the alarm would sound if he stopped moving. We never had a false alarm for the entire 5 months he was in the bassinet, so I felt just as comfortable putting him in his crib when the time came. Unfortunately about 2 weeks after we put him into his crib the alarm sounded. I ran in there and he was to the side of the crib completely awake. I thought at that point we had had our first false alarm, so I put him to sleep and put him back in the crib thinking nothing of it. A few days later, we had another alarm sounding in the middle of the night. I ran in there, and he wasn’t breathing at all, even after I picked him up. I had to vigorously stimulate him to get him to breathe. Over the next month or so we discovered that his sleep apnea was caused by a silent reflux, and he is now stablilized after several months of prevacid and zantac and apnea monitoring (with multiple alarms sounding for extreme drop in heartrate). The pediatrician even has expressed his gratitude for this monitor – he even said to me that usually with babies under 6 months you only have the one apnea episode before you get a SIDS diagnosis. Needless to say, I am eternally grateful for this monitor that I solely purchased to calm my neurotic tendencies, because without it it is quite possible I wouldn’t have my adorable sweet 10 month old boy around today. I am still using it now that the apnea monitor had to be returned and I still sleep well knowing it was what originally saved my son’s life.

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  2. PabloPicassowasan says:
    12 of 12 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Dependable monitor, June 7, 2009
    PabloPicassowasan (Beverly, MA) –

    = Durability:5.0 out of 5 stars  = Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars  = Educational:5.0 out of 5 stars 

    This thing works as advertised. I was somewhat skeptical when buying this as a few reviews mentioned false alarms, but so far it has been rock solid. We use it in a bassinet and have had zero false alarms. Perhaps when we transition to a crib it will have a few false alarms..

    The device depends on a semi-rigid surface for the sensor to be placed on top of. The manual mentions this, and I think this is why people are getting false alarms. The manual recommends a wood board under the sensor, but I don’t think you need to go that far. Our bassinet only has a thin layer of cardboard under the sensor (sensor is placed under mattress).

    The device has a green LED that flashes every time a motion is detected (breathing or movement) so you know that it is functioning properly. It is extremely sensitive, the slightest of touches to the sensor pad will be detected. It has only alarmed when we forget to turn it off before removing our son from his bassinet. It will first emit a few sharp clicks as warning prior to alarming. This gives you a second or two to shut it off before it alarms possibly upsetting baby.

    SIDS is extremely rare (~5/10,000) so this monitor can be viewed by some as unnecessary. However if you do have concerns about it, I would recommend this product to give you some slight peace of mind, and perhaps some extra sleep (I’m not quite sure what that word means anymore..)

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  3. foocheech says:

    Thank you for posting. I watched this video shortly after it was posted. Anytime I hear “Far Away” I think of Kyle and how important it is to keep my kids safely buckled up. I hope you are doing well….thanks again!

  4. 427SuperSnake1 says:

    He should have not been in a booster seat at 3 years old!! Me and my son where involved in an accident that totaled our car and severed my next down to my throat.. He didn’t have a scratch on his body, because of the 5 point harness he was wearing!!!

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  10. Louis Tortoriello says:

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  11. Danny Tissembaum says:

    Thanks to your tribute to Kyle, we are purchasing a 5 point harness for our 50 pound, 9 year old.

  12. zoomo67 says:

    @gypsie90 seatbelts do work, but you might want to buy a Britax frontier or a convertible. They have built in lock offs so if the belt does undo it’s self, the belt will still slightly be in place.

  13. gypsie90 says:

    Hi, I have a car that does not have an Anchor system. What can I do to make sure he is safe? Thanks!

  14. Robin Moody says:

    Watching this video years ago has prompted me to buy Britax for all my kids. My oldest is still in his and will be until age 10!

  15. Jen Piwtpitt says:

    Thank you for posting this. I watched it 5 years ago. My children now 5 and 7 both sit in Britax 5 point harness seats that are anchored and tethered. I had no idea these seats existed until I watched the video and I tell everyone I can about them. I’m sorry for your loss and I appreciate you sharing your story.

  16. healthfanboy says:

    3 Quick Car Seat Safety Steps visit: a1secure.ca

  17. zoomo67 says:

    My little brother died 5 years ago due to drunk driving. May they both relax and play in heaven.