Hippo Special Needs Car Seat

Hippo Special Needs Car Seat
Updated on : March 1, 2013
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Hippo Particular Needs Vehicle Seat

Hippo Unique Requirements Car Seat

  • Wedge Positioning System
  • Nylon Cover
  • Rear and Forward Facing
  • five-Point Restraint Harness
  • Latch Compliant

The Hippo enables kids with spica or hip casts to appreciate the very same protection supplied by commercially available auto seats Snug Seat is the exclusive distributor of the Hippo from Britax USA the worldwide leaders in automobile seat innovation The Britax HIPPO Car Seat is the only vehicle seat specifically created for transporting kids in Hip Spica Casts Broomstick Casts and Ilfeld splints Talking To Your Child About The Birds And Bees

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