“Heavy Motor Truck – Stationary Cab, Driver’s Seat” Print (Canvas 12×18)

“Heavy Motor Truck – Stationary Cab, Driver’s Seat” Print (Canvas 12×18)
Updated on : January 12, 2014
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“Heavy Motor Truck – Stationary Cab, Driver’s Seat” Print (Canvas 12×18)

“Heavy Motor Truck – Stationary Cab, Driver’s Seat” Print (Canvas 12×18)

  • Canvas 12×18
  • Contributor: Unknown
  • Year: 1915
  • Themes: Trucks, Vehicles-1915
  • Horizontal Landscape Orientation

Contributor: Unknown. Year: 1915. Themes: Trucks, Cars-1915. Horizontal Landscape Orientation. Art Variety: Fine art print, canvas, framed wall art, gicle print & canvas. Nation of Origin: USA. ISBN: -587-05357-7. All canvases ship ready to hang on three/four in. wood stretchers (two in. for Heavy Duty), with the exception of unstretched canvas. Contact us for far more sizes in paper, canvas, or gicle. Early automobiles from the Model T to its emulators as coupes with operating boards of electric, gasoline and steam

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