Harness Dog Car Safety Seat Belt system Sm/Med 12-28

Harness Dog Car Safety Seat Belt system Sm/Med 12-28
Updated on : May 10, 2013
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Harness Dog Automobile Safety Seat Belt program Sm/Med 12-28

Harness Dog Automobile Security Seat Belt program Sm/Med 12-28

  • Defend your pets in a auto
  • attach to any seat belt program
  • powerful, tough woven black nylon
  • use with a leash

Preserve Dogs Safe and Secure Excellent Gift Idea two things for the price tag of one comes in a good box. Defend your pets although traveling in vehicles with our Guardian Gear Car Harnesses. Adjustable net harness attaches easily to practically any seat belt with a universal seat belt clip. Keeps dogs safely contained with an adjustable strap that makes it possible for them to sit, lie down or stand comfortably with the swivel action clasp – this style harness keeps your dog from getting tangled up with the seatbelt. Created of powerful, durable woven black nylon with plastic rapid-release buckles and heavy-duty hardware. You can also leave the harness on your dog & use with a leash. The safety strap can be left attached to your seatbelt in your automobile.

The most recent auto seat security suggestions advocate that toddlers ride in rear-facing car seats until the age of two. Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears demonstrates which…
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Question by Tink: Are car seats and coats an inconvenience to you?
Does your youngster(ren) wear their coat(s) in the auto seat? Is this secure or void any safety ratings, since the coat is so bulky?

Very best answer:

Answer by hey mama
you happen to be not supposed to have your youngsters wear puffy coats in their car seats. a puffy coat will compress a lot in the case of an accident and can leave lots of area for a child to move forward, which will lead to a lot more injuries than if they are wearing anything close-fitting. my two year old wears a fleece or sometimes two, overtop whatever he’s wearing (normally a sweater or a sweatshirt). we heat the car up before we go out and use blankets when required. you can also place your kid in and have them place their coat on backwards over the straps.


just google “puffy coats and vehicle seats” for more hyperlinks.

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What customers say about Harness Dog Car Safety Seat Belt system Sm/Med 12-28

  1. LMY "LMY" says:
    48 of 51 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Incredible quality and design – great price, December 14, 2008
    LMY “LMY” (SC) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Harness Dog Car Safety Seat Belt system Sm/Med 12-28 (Misc.)

    Bought these items at local major pet supply store separately because they weren’t offering the harness and buckle as a single unit as offered here. The buckle went for $12 alone and the harness another $8. I later found the set online for $9.99 and bought 3. These buckles are just as durable and well made (if not better) than safetybelts found in vehicles for people. The metal clips seem as strong as those used by rockclimbers whose lives depend on such solid equipment. The part that buckles into safetybelts fit both old (1998) and new (2006) saftebelts, Ford and Dodge were tested and the design is a sturdy, concise fit. I know my pets are safe and secure on car rides, no risk of jumping out or escape when the doors are opened. Great product! Thanks so much for the thoughtful design on behalf of loved pets everywhere!

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  2. S. Angelo says:
    33 of 35 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Excellent restraint for my Dachshunds, September 12, 2009
    S. Angelo (Sterrett, AL, USA) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Harness Dog Car Safety Seat Belt system Sm/Med 12-28 (Misc.)

    I have two mini dachshunds and this restraint works great. It keeps them secure in the seat should I have to stop quickly. One of my girls, is a little bit feisty and Maggie got out of their seat while I was driving. When I stopped at the light, I got out of my front seat, opened the back door and Ms. Maggie was as quick as a flash and jumped out of the car…there was traffic there…fortunately, I called to her and she listened and got her back in the car. I immediately started looking for restraints. I bought two of them and embroidered their names on them…they are working out great. Study construction, strong clip to secure them to the seat belt or in my case, these are really mini dachshunds, so I have a coupler that I attach to their car seat and I secure the harness to it…both the girls are in their seat securely. That make me happy because I know they are safe.

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  3. arial39 says:

    i dont use a big bulky coat either, on the coldest days he wears his carhartt, its really warm but not bulky or thick.otherwise he has smaller jackets he wears.

  4. gary s says:

    Many times for a long car trip where the heater is on,we would take their coats off before putting them in car seats.Infants lose more body heat than adults.Keep in mind how uncomfortable you get in a thick coat while in a heated car.It does not void any safety ratings,but the kids will get cranky and irritable more easily when they are hot and can’t move.All it took for my son to stay in his seat was a Cable documentary on the history of seatbelts and Airbags;showing Crash test dummies flying around and out the windows.He got the point.My mother always kept a lap blanket to cover the legs until the heater warmed up when we were 6.We did similar when our kids were toddlers.Just make sure they won’t strangle on it.The same can be done with the OUTSIDE of the car seat.

  5. india lima foxtrot says:

    Yes, they are. I avoid the puffy coat as much as possible. I’m absolutely NOT going to warm up my car for 20 minutes when it’s only 10 degrees or so outside. If I’m going on a long trip, I do have the kids take off their coats and cover up with blankets, but we can’t do that every day. The blankets get too filthy. I try to put the baby in a fleece jacket and a hat if it’s warm enough, but if it’s windy or below 30 degrees, then I just tighten the straps up as much as I comfortably can.

  6. royalbird says:

    Children should not wear coats in their carseats because it makes the seat unsafe. Where we live, we’ve been dealing with subfreezing temps for weeks, but my kids wear only their lighter jackets in the car. We have heat, so once the car warms up, they are usually begging to take off their light jackets. If we are going somewhere that takes longer than 20 minutes to get there, I bring their coats in the back, because you never know when something might happen and you’ll need to walk somewhere (which we had an incident a few weeks ago where my son threw up in the car and we had to walk to a nearby gas station or restaurant to get paper towels to try and clean up the mess before starting back home, so we were glad for the coats!).

    ETA: Even adults shouldn’t wear big coats while buckled into a seatbelt. I usually bring mine, but lay it on the floor in the back.

  7. Emma&Laura'sMumMum says:

    They don’t wear their coats in the car….not just due to safety, but comfort. I don’t want my coat on in the care.