Guardian Gear Pawprint Car Seat Cover Chocolate Guardian Gear Pawprint Car Seat Cover Chocolate

Guardian Gear Pawprint Car Seat Cover Chocolate Guardian Gear Pawprint Car Seat Cover Chocolate
Updated on : July 16, 2013
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Guardian Gear Pawprint Car Seat Cover Chocolate Guardian Gear Pawprint Car Seat Cover Chocolate

Guardian Gear Pawprint Auto Seat Cover Chocolate Guardian Gear Pawprint Car Seat Cover Chocolate

  • Brand Name: MVS Distribution Mfg#: ZA02531
  • Shipping Weight: 2.93 lbs

Our Guardian Gear Pawprint Seat Covers give pets a comfortable location to rest their paws during trips in the auto. Protects upholstery from pet hair, dirt, stains and damage 55”L x 42”W cover is large enough to match most back seats Comes with attachment straps on the corners and bottom for a secure fit Cover has two seat belt holes for effortless use in conjunction with a vehicle security harnessEach Guardian Gear Pawprint Seat Cover is packaged in a polyvinyl bag with insert. Available in the colors listed below.See the Specifications and Guidelines tabs for much more solution particulars. Show with other Guardian GearCar Seat Covers and Cargo covers to produce a complete selection of travel gear.

Query by NoMoreSoda: Best headless back seat cover for dogs?
-1990 Corolla with NO head rests on the back seat
-93-pound Collie/Canaan Dog mix AND 48-pound Border Collie/Cattle Dog mix.
-Shedding and front seat restriction are not an issue

I just want to preserve my relic of a car lol. I have improvised with “conventional” dog covers by stuffing the head rest straps down the back of the seat and wrapping the other straps about the seat-belt hooks, but I want anything that’s meant for the headless seat. Some dog covers are identified for the straps ripping off, so if you know of it carrying out that then please let me know so I can preserve an eye out. Please supply a brand or name and as significantly information about the cover that you know, like the material, hammock or standard style, strap durability, waterproof or not, etc. Not so considerably searching for luxury, much more so functionality even so ALL suggestions are welcome. Thank you!

Greatest answer:

Answer by Jessie
I have this auto seat cover and really like it: It really is not especially produced for a headless seat.

In addition to my own dog, I also transport client dogs in my back seat (dog walker).

I’ve had it for more than a year now and it’s held up extremely properly (appears brand new), protected the seat and machine washes and dries effectively.

It really is one hundred% polyester. The bottom side is woven in such a way as to be nearly waterproof and my seats have by no means gotten wet. The upper side is a microfiber with a suede appear and feel that traps dirt, mud and a lot of hair. It has a strap that allows you to rollit up and tie the roll when not in use.

It has straps that go around the headrests and that go around the floor mounts, as nicely as very great corner straps on all 4 corners (not certain why those are not pictured in the hyperlink above, but they are on ALL Four corners). Holes for seatbelts to come through.

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What customers say about Guardian Gear Pawprint Car Seat Cover Chocolate Guardian Gear Pawprint Car Seat Cover Chocolate

  1. spidermilk666 says:

    I have a car with no headrests on the back too! I looked at a ton of seat covers but couldn’t find *any* that would stay on with no headrests (even the ones made for my exact car model). I have also improvised and now have a yoga mat covering the back seat.

    It is waterproof, it has traction, it stays on the seat (I have leather seats and towels just slide off), it is big enough to tuck in, and cover the entire seat, and it was less expensive than a seat cover. It doesn’t cover the back of the seat but my dog doesn’t really get that part dirty. I’d also keep a towel in your back seat so that you’ll have it there at all times in case your dog ends up muddy (mine always does!).

    Finally, my dog wears a dog car seat (harness that connects to the human seat belt) which allows him to sit, stand up, and lay down- but he can’t roam all over the back seat. It would also save his life in a crash, save my life in a crash (if he wasn’t strapped in he would become a projectile), and it keeps from jumping out of the car when I open the door.