Graco Snugride Classic Connect 30/35 Infant Car Seat Base, Black

Graco Snugride Classic Connect 30/35 Infant Car Seat Base, Black
Updated on : September 4, 2013
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Graco Snugride Classic Connect 30/35 Infant Automobile Seat Base, Black

Graco Snugride Classic Connect 30/35 Infant Vehicle Seat Base, Black

  • Infant automobile seat base fits SnugRide 35, SnugRide 30, SnugRide 32 and Infant SafeSeat auto seats
  • Convenient, remain-in-car base only demands to be installed when
  • Integrated belt lock-off eliminates the require for a locking clip
  • Adjustable base with one-hand dial adjustment helps make sure suitable installation latch equipped for easy installation
  • Ships in Certified Aggravation-Free Packaging

If your infant has far more than one particular chauffeur, it is only fitting they have much more than one particular infant car seat base. This additional Infant SnugRide 30/35 Vehicle Seat Base can be installed easily and securely, and can remain place. Excellent for your second car or for the grandparents, it is a hassle free way for Child to ride safely in a lot more than a single vehicle.

Find out a lot more about Graco Classic Connect vs Click Connect compatibility right here.

Question by Angel: Can any individual aid me choose a infant automobile seat?
We’re about to have our first child. We never have a automobile but we reside in a city and will need to have to travel by taxi as soon as in a although. This signifies we need to have to get a vehicle seat for the baby. We would choose a seat that is strapped in the automobile just making use of the seat belt – do not want 1 that needs a base as we’ll only have to store the base in our apartment. Can anybody suggest a car seat like this? It would also be great if the vehicle seat could be employed in a stroller frame as our ‘everyday’ stroller. Any advise would be a lot appreciated.

Very best answer:

Answer by Doodlestuff
I feel most of the infant seats that set in a base need to do this. Check for guidelines on the box. Graco Snugride is an instance that for certain functions for this.

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What customers say about Graco Snugride Classic Connect 30/35 Infant Car Seat Base, Black

  1. Ursula McTaggart says:
    55 of 58 people found the following review helpful
    2.0 out of 5 stars
    Not fully compatible with Snugride 30, July 19, 2011

    I would not recommend this product if you own a Snugride 30 car seat. I purchased this because Graco does not manufacture an extra base specifically for the Snugride 30, and the packaging advertises that this base is compatible with it. However, as several other reviewers have noted, this is only partially the case. Although the car seat does lock into the base, there is no level indicator on the base to allow you to determine whether the car seat is properly angled. For those who own the Snugride 35, the level indicator is on the car seat itself, but the Snugride 30 relies on a level indicator on its base. After browsing the internet for solutions, I have found that it is possible to “eyeball” the angle by using the red line on the side of my car seat, but this really doesn’t seem adequate. The level indicator provides convenience and certainty that you have installed the seat right, whereas the red line method is less exact and a hassle. Moreover, Graco does not provide any information in its instructions or on its website about how to deal with the missing level indicator for the Snugride 30. Considering that the only option for Snugride 30 owners is to buy this alternate model of extra base, it seems like a major oversight to neglect the primary problem they will encounter.

    Overall, I feel frustrated that Graco has provided a product that is only about 80% compatible with the Snugride 30 and has offered no instructions on how to deal with the missing 20%. I would happily pay for a fully compatible model, but Graco does not manufacture one. For those with a Snugride 30, I would recommend looking into the possibility of ordering a second Snugride 30 base through Graco’s website as a “replacement part.” Unfortunately, they are out of stock at the moment (perhaps because of this very issue), but I hope that they make them available in the future.

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  2. kaianine says:
    13 of 13 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    just in case you’re wondering…, March 28, 2011

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    this base also works for the SnugRide 32 car seats… even though the item’s name says 30/35… it will work for the 30, 32, & 35. (confirmed on Graco’s website before i purchased the unit from Amazon.)

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  3. BeThAnY says:

    All of the carseats now come with a base because they make the seat sit right on the seat of your car. You can buy one and if you don’t want to use the base, sell the base on ebay, but I think that the seat is safer with the base. The Graco Snugride is one of the safest and you can use with a Graco stroller. The Britax infant seat is a great seat but is about $ 200 for the car seat alone.

  4. cris says:

    Go ahead and by a travel system, almost all car seats now come with the base, but also have the slots to be used with a seat belt with out the base. I like the graco literider, it is a compact system, great for what you need. And it is as cute as can be, its winnie the pooh.
    And don’t worry about not using the base, it isn’t going to fit good in the back of a taxi with it, unless your in a minivan. (we own a cab company)

  5. hhh says:

    You can strap any of the carrier car seats into with just using the seat beat without the base, but most car seats come with the base anyway. Thoses stroller frames are pretty much univeral and any car seat will slip right in.

  6. sara432134 says:

    try walmart, all seats come with bases

  7. heartlostangel says:

    Well, unless you want a stroller that you can use later, you’ll have to get the frame and see which brand of infant car seats will fit in it. If you want a stroller for later use, I reccommend the Graco travel system. Hehe, you could always send me the base that goes with it, mine got repoed along with my car, lol. The car seat can be used without the base, which is not the case with all evenflo seats, and snaps right into the stroller too. Plus you have the extra basket below and the two visors can completely enclose your infant in case of bad weather, with a see through window so you can see baby and vice versa. When your baby gets older and sits up unassisted, s/he will want to sit up so s/he can look around more, which is where the stroller alone comes in handy as well :D Good luck!

  8. BraxOwl says:

    I highly recommend the Graco SafeSeat. We are expecting our third child, and this is the seat we decided to go with after much review. Graco has a frame that their infant seats fit into, which would be perfect for your living situation. The frame (it is similar to the Snap & Go, but less expensive) easily folds down to nothing. It also has a basket for storage.

    Most infant carseats do come with a base, but all of them (that I know of) have the option to use them without the base. I know that the Safe Seat is one that does.

    Check out for more information about their products.

    Congratulations on the impending birth of your first child! How exciting!

    EDITED TO ADD: Here are direct links to the Safe Seat and the frame stroller I am referring to, on the Graco Baby site:

  9. mystic_eye_cda says:

    I would get the Graco Safety seat for one reason only: its upper weight is 30lbs and almost all other infant carriers are only approved for 20lbs.

    You will get a lot more use out of the safety seat, and the infant seats are much easier to install then the convertible seats. If you get a standard infant seat there is a fair chance you will need to replace the infant seat long before your child is one year. (My son was 20lbs at 4 months). If your baby is older than 1 year when they outgrow their infant seat you could conceivably then use the built-in carseats that some vans have -I presume some taxis have them.

    The graco carseats fit graco strollers, and probably most other strollers. As for the really small sort of wire frames that hold infant seats I am sure they are compatible.

  10. Yarro Pilz says:

    I’m going to contradict all the other people who have posted here, and I hope you’ll hear me out.

    “Travel systems” are NOT ideal for everyone. Do you have to walk up and down stairs to get to where you live? How much storage space do you have? How much do you plan on using your stroller? (i.e. will you use it all day long every day, both to get places and to do errands? or do you need it just to do the grocery shopping or to walk a mall?) Do you use a lot of public transportation besides taxis? How heavy of a stroller are you willing to deal with? What’s the pavement like where you live? (i.e. lots of curbs, cobblestones, or broken pavement to negotiate?) The climate? (i.e. do you deal with snow?) What else do you like to do? Do you anticipate any off-road use?

    I ask all this because most of the travel systems (the Graco MetroLite, which is one of the smallest, included) are very big and bulky and heavy. They are definitely NOT ideal for public transportation or for hauling up and down stairs all the time. I also don’t think that they steer very well, and they can be tough to maneuver through crowds or narrow aisles. They are awful in snow, and horrible on cobblestones or rough pavement.

    Most strollers now come with adapters that allow you to use just about any infant seat on them.

    So pick the infant seat that fits your budget and your comfort level (check Consumer Reports), and then shop for a stroller that meets your specific needs. Infant seats come with bases, but they can almost all be used without the base. So you can just toss it if you don’t need it.

    An infant seat is only useful for 4-6 months, but a stroller is good for years and years. Definitely put some thought into its purchase! If you’re not ready to do that, get a Snap’n'Go to use for the first months, and then get your real everyday stroller after you’ve stopped using the infant seat. (Almost every infant seat will work with the Snap’n'Go.)

    Also, I don’t recommend the Safe Seat. By the time your baby weighs 20 pounds, infant seats are heavy and hard to deal with. You most certainly won’t want to haul a baby that big around in an infant seat over long distances. 30 pounds is just unthinkable! And the solution you propose means that you’ll have to use the car seat all the time.

    I recommend joining Yahoo!’s StrollerSwap group, and posting your question there. The moms on that board know EVERYTHING about strollers. They’ve road tested everything on the market, world-wide, and they can make recommendations that fit YOUR life. And you might be able to score the perfect stroller for you for a lot less than retail price. They will also be able to recommend a car seat.

    Don’t just walk the aisles at Babies’R'Us!

    If *I* won the lottery and was in the market for a car seat and stroller again, I’d definitely check out the Orbit! But I got a Phil&Ted’s E3 with a doubles kit when my second child was born (for about half price through StrollerSwap), and it was a great purchase. (And it works with a SnugRide car seat.)

    Good luck.

  11. headermarie says:

    We got the graco safe seat in the roxy style for a shower gift. It does not “come” pre-packaged as a travel system, however there is a stroller that goes with it. Our son is 9 months old and I strap him in the without the base when I travel in a relatives car and he is so snug. Just be sure that you get the seat tight so god forbid you do get into a collision, baby will be safe and sound!

  12. L A says:

    I highly recommend the Graco SafeSeat – it is an infant “bucket” style seat, with a weight limit of 30 lbs.

    It is WONDERFUL.

    It does come with a base (I think all infant seats do), but can be installed with a seatbelt also.