Graco SmartSeat All-in-One Car Seat, Jemma

Graco SmartSeat All-in-One Car Seat, Jemma
Updated on : August 15, 2013
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Graco SmartSeat All-in-A single Car Seat, Jemma

Graco SmartSeat All-in-One particular Automobile Seat, Jemma

  • Fits infant 5-40 pounds rear-facing in a harness, fits toddler 20-65 pounds forward-facing in a harness and fits youth 30-100 pounds in a belt-positioning booster
  • Smart base remain-in-vehicle base for one particular time set up for both rear and forward facing harness modes
  • 5-position recline
  • Side influence tested
  • Engineered and crash tested to meet or exceed US normal

The Graco Signature Series Intelligent Seat All-in-A single car seat is the ultimate in auto seat longevity. This convertible car seat fits your kid from 5-one hundred lbs and functions a hassle-free stay-in-car base so you only have to set up the base one time.

With an intelligent design engineered to match young children from five to one hundred pounds, the Graco Wise Seat All-in-One Automobile Seat can offer years of protected, dependable travel for your youngster. The Intelligent Seat’s attributes incorporate a keep-in-car base, adjustable six-position headrest with no-thread harness, five recline settings, flip-up armrests, seat-to-base locking indicators, and child’s cup holder. Constructed with heavy-duty steel reinforced frame for durability, this vehicle seat delivers the perfect combination of security and convenience.

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Intelligent Seat
All-in-One particular Car Seat
At a Glance:
  • Intelligent Base gives a single-time installation for each rear- and forward-facing harness modes
  • Seat functions five-position recline, six-position headrest, and no re-thread harness
  • Engineered and crash tested to meet or exceed U.S. requirements side influence tested
Age/Weight Needs:

Fits infants five-40 pounds rear-facing in harness toddlers 20-65 pounds forward-facing in harness youth 30-100 pounds in belt-positioning booster


Restricted one particular-year warranty

Graco Smart Seat All-in-One Car Seat Product Shot
The Wise Seat characteristics a steel-reinforced frame and base for strength and durability. View bigger.
Graco Smart Seat All-in-One Car Seat Lifestyle Shot
Graco Smart Seat All-in-One Car Seat Lifestyle Shot
Graco Smart Seat All-in-One Car Seat Lifestyle Shot

Thanks to its adjustable headrest and removable harness, this seat can be used from infancy by means of childhood.
(Click every image to view larger.)

Seat Adapts to Your Developing Kid

The Graco Intelligent Seat changes as your child grows from infancy to childhood. For infants from five to 40 pounds, use the auto seat in the rear-facing position. Forward-facing toddlers can use the integrated five-point harness method from 20 to 65 pounds. For kids weighing 30 to 100 pounds, you can eliminate the harness and shop it in the harness storage compartment, turning the automobile seat into a belt-positioning booster.

For ease of use, a six-position headrest and no-rethread harness let you to very easily adjust the headrest and harness to properlly match your youngster with out rethreading–valuable time-saving features.

Wise Base Delivers Simple, A single-Time Installation

The handy Intelligent Base requirements to be installed only after, generating the transition from rear- to forward-facing a snap. Correctly install the base (which attributes a seat belt lock off that tends to make seat belt installation less difficult), then simply unlock the seat and reposition to either forward- or rear-facing, whichever your child requirements at the time. An simple-to-study level indicator indicates the seat has been installed effectively to make installation a breeze, and locking indicators on the base guarantee the automobile seat is securely attached. The Wise Base is also LATCH-equipped, supplying you the selection of either LATCH or vehicle seat belt installation.

For added convenience, you can purchase an further automobile seat base (every sold separately) to simply transfer your auto seat to any automobile.

Steel-Reinforced for Strength and Durability

The Graco Sensible Seat All-in-A single features a challenging, steel-reinforced frame and base to make sure security and durability through years of use and aiding in efficient effect energy management.

Added Comfort for Mom and Kid

The Graco Intelligent Seat’s flip-up armrests make it easy to place and remove your child from the vehicle seat. The Smart Seat also allows for 5 recline positions so your youngster can lean back for some relaxation or sit up to enjoy the scenery. An integrated cup holder keeps drinks close at hand.

SafeSeat Engineered with Side Effect Protection

The Wise Seat is Protected Seat engineered and crash tested to meet or exceed stringent U.S. safety standards. In addition, the Intelligent Seat has been side impact tested for occupant retention by the harness program and with a standard automobile harness technique when in higher back booster mode. The Smart Seat also features EPS foam, which absorbs power for efficient influence energy management.

Moreover, the Wise Seat has been tested for structural integrity at each high and low temperatures. Since the interior temperature of your vehicle can differ drastically by season, it is critical to maintain the structural integrity of the automobile seat when subjected to these temperature extremes.

The Graco Sensible Seat All-in-1 Automobile Seat is developed for vehicle use only and is backed by a manufacturer’s restricted one particular-year warranty.

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What’s in the Box

Graco Smart Seat All-in-One Automobile Seat with Sensible Base and instruction sheet.

Car Seat Diagram
Its Wise Base lets you install the vehicle seat just one time, creating the transition from rear- to forward-facing quick and effortless.
View larger.
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Weight in lbs.























Infant seats
(employed Rear-Facing only)


SnugRide 30

SnugRide 35


four———— REAR-FACING ————30

4————— REAR-FACING —————35

Convertible seats
(used Rear-Facing or


Classic Ride 50

My Ride 65

My Ride 65
with Safety Surround

five———– REAR-FACING ———–30

four——————- REAR-FACING ——————-40
20——— FORWARD-FACING ———50

five—————- REAR-FACING —————–40
20————— FORWARD-FACING —————65

4——————- REAR-FACING ——————-40
20————— FORWARD-FACING —————65

All-in-1 seats
(utilized Rear-Facing/
Forward-Facing or as a
Belt-Positioning Booster)


5—————- REAR-FACING —————-40
20————— FORWARD-FACING —————65
30——————– BELT POSITIONING BOOSTER ——————–one hundred

Harness Booster seats
(employed Forward-Facing only)


20————— FORWARD-FACING —————65
30——————– BELT-POSITIONING BOOSTER ——————–100

Booster seats
(utilized Forward-Facing only)

Highback TurboBooster

Backless TurboBooster

30——————– BELT-POSITIONING BOOSTER ——————–one hundred


Trademark Data:


Intelligent Seat™

Wise Base™

Child Car Seat Saves 3 year-old

BUCKLEY BAY – A serious motor car accident along the Inland Island Highway south of Courtenay sent two folks to hospital and closed the highway for seve…
Video Rating: / 5

Query by CAH: If you have been involved in an accident and your youngster was in the car seat?
My cousin was involved in an accident and her kid was in the vehicle in her vehicle seat. Is there a law that as soon as a car seat has been involved in an accident that it has to be replaced for the safety of the youngster?

Best answer:

Answer by goldwing127959
No As lengthy as the automobile seat has not been damaged it is fully resuseable. There is no law . But you can verify with your neighborhood DMV.

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What customers say about Graco SmartSeat All-in-One Car Seat, Jemma

  1. Tonya "Tonya" says:
    81 of 85 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Great seat :) Just has a few kinks they need to work out., October 1, 2011
    Tonya “Tonya” (Breckenridge, MI) –

    This review is from: Graco SmartSeat All-in-One Car Seat, Jemma (Baby Product)

    I had this seat for a few weeks but ended up returning it. Its a really great concept and will work great for a lot of families. I just think they need to work out a few issues and then I would be more than happy to buy another for my daughter.
    Its extremely easy to install and transport between different vehicles because of the base. Its on the heavy side for carseats but thats not a big deal for me as I dont carry it around on a daily basis ;) Everything is extremely easy to adjust and use.

    The 2 things I think they need to fix are the humungo thick harness covers that are required in the rear facing position, then not allowed in the forward facing position. They have thick foam in them so it makes it tough to get the straps tight like they need to be. My daughter and I both prefer the using strap covers and wouldnt be able to when she switches to forward facing :( How about we just get normal thickness pads like the My Ride 65 has so they can be used in both positions??

    The 2nd thing I couldnt get over is how reclined the seat has to be in the rear facing position. Its great for newborns and infants with no head control to be at the 45 degree recline, but older rear facing riders may not like being so reclined. That was the case with my daughter and the biggest reason why I returned the seat. If I put the seat in a more upright position it make the level indicator bubble fall outside of the “okay” area, which Graco says not to do. It was very confusing to me as to why they would make a seat with so many recline positions but you can only use 1 or 2 and have the seat be at an ok angle. When the seat was at the most upright and still ok according to the level indicator my daughters feet were horizontally level with her head :( Not to mention it took up more front to back room then her Graco Snugride 32 infant seat. I was pretty much eating my steering wheel! (and I drive a huge Envoy Xl suv)

    We now have the My Ride 65 and that allows a MUCH more upright install and is just as easy to install. I just really really wish this seat would have worked for us as I loved it before I actually installed it.

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  2. Jimbo says:
    55 of 58 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Better on paper than in real life, January 10, 2012

    We spent a lot of time comparing and deciding on a convertible car seat to replace the infant one we had been using for our now 6-month old. We finally settled on the Smart Seat as the features and design really stood out. But, after using it for 2 weeks, including a couple long trips, we returned it. In every-day use it just doesn’t back up its price and is missing some final design & engineering touches that would make it frustration-free.

    The Good:

    – Nice material design with good fabrics
    – Plenty of cushioning
    – Removable for use in multiple cars
    – Easy installation (installing the base instead of the seat makes maneuvering and tightening the straps a whole lot easier than other convertibles). The leveling bubble also makes MUCH more sense than other brand’s “make sure this line is parallel with the ground”.
    – Comfortable recline angle and head support that prevents head slumping while sleeping
    – Wings aren’t huge. Our daughter really likes to look out the window and the head wings don’t block the view like the Britax.

    The Bad:

    – Incredibly heavy. I’d rather have features and safety than lightweight, but this does become an issue when swapping between cars – which is the purpose of this seat. My wife could not lift it comfortably.
    – Very wide. We have a full-size CUV and have had other car seats set up on the 40-side of the 60/40 split middle row so that we could still fold down the 60-side. With this seat in place, we could no longer lower the other side of the seats – making our 3rd row seats unusable. There was also a large amount of extra hip room that I don’t see her growing into – suggesting that the seat is wider than it needs to be.
    – Huge front-to-back length when rear-facing. We were able to make this work in our large car with the sliding headrest in the lowest position and pushing the front seat back hard against the car seat. However, with the headrest up, or in a smaller car, the front seat has to slide up so much that is mostly unusable for anyone over 5 feet tall.
    – The harness latch is hard to use – both latching and unlatching. The button requires more force than other brands and the male parts of the harness buckles would refuse to engage cleanly. This usually resulted in a frustrated mother and an annoyed baby.
    – With the sliding headrest in the lowest position, the harness was difficult to slacken as it would get snagged on some internal part of the seat.
    – There was a constant rattle inside the seat as if the metal belt retainer was clanging against the seat shell.
    – The shoulder pads on the shoulder belts are way to large and would either push the belts to the edges of our daughters shoulders (not a safe position), or smoosh up against her face and again make for an annoyed baby.

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  3. go4it says:

    No you don’t have to replace the car seat , unless the car seat became defective as a result of the car accident ! But otherwise, there is no such law !

  4. UCANTCME says:

    First answer is correct but you need to take it to the fire department and let them inspect it for you…..

  5. Kak22 says:

    Carseats should be replaced after most accidents. Britax is the only company that says their seats are reusable after a minor accident. The carseat manual should say this and most insurance companies cover the replacement cost.

  6. Pami says:

    there is no law, but it is a safety concern.

    any accident can cause non visible damage to the car seat. this can make it deadly in the event of another accident.

    she should just get a new one for her child’s safety.