Graco Infant Seat Boot with Blanket

Graco Infant Seat Boot with Blanket
Updated on : August 8, 2013
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Graco Infant Seat Boot with Blanket

Graco Infant Seat Boot with Blanket

  • Made from velvety-soft micro-fleece material
  • Boot with hideaway blanket
  • Fits all Graco SnugRide Auto Seats

The Graco Infant Seat Boot with Blanket keeps your tiny 1 snug and warm on chilly days. This item fits perfectly in your Graco SnugRide Automobile Seat, and keeps your baby warm and toasty.

The Graco SafeSeat Infant Car Seat in Birkshire will accommodate a youngster rear-facing up to 30 lbs. and 32 inches tall, thus fitting 97% of one particular-year-olds, whi…
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Question by November Gypsy: What are some ‘must haves’ for a newborn?
Good morning! I am almost 27 weeks preggers with my 1st youngster. I do not live anyplace close to my friends or household, and so I am not entirely certain what is greatest to have for my coming small girl. What items do/ did you uncover indispensible when bringing property an infant? Thanks so considerably for the advice?

Very best answer:

Answer by C N
diapers, wipes(cloth or otherwise)
automobile seat
if formula feeding: bottles nipples, bottle brush, formula

also a good notion:
bassinet or crib
recieving blankets
a few onesies and footed sleepers
infant bath tub, johnsons head to toe wash or related child bath wash
mittens for the hands so they dont scratch themself. – the gerber brand is the greatest IMO

a handful of items I found out about what is not needed:
infant carrier seat. just a convertible one is fine. they are too heavy and bulky to truly carry the infant about in.

changing table: a lot less difficult to change a squirmy baby on the floor or bed on a clean blanket or towel

bassinet: crib with drop rail removed and correct up against your bed operates fine, if not cosleeping with the baby in your bed(which can be quite unsafe. though it can be secure if you are a light sleeper and have no pillows or blankets on the bed and your bed is firm)

+++a 3-in-1 or four-in-1 bed which grows with your child is a actually great thought, I got a three-in 1 which converts to a day bed and complete size bed from Kmart for 170$ and they had some for 120$ (US)

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What customers say about Graco Infant Seat Boot with Blanket

  1. Stephanie Mooney "reednowensmommy" says:
    8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great in-between product!, March 7, 2004
    Stephanie Mooney “reednowensmommy” (Dearborn Heights, Mi United States) –

    This review is from: Graco Infant Seat Boot with Blanket (Baby Product)

    I purchased this boot for my 3 year old Graco carseat for my second child who is due this summer. It will be perfect for fall, when it is too cool out not to cover the baby, but they don’t need to be quite so bundled. I don’t think it will be sufficient for winter (at least not here in Michigan), as it is not SO heavy to keep the frigid air out, and only covers baby halfway (the blanket is nice, but there’s no way to keep it out of baby’s face if you try to cover them up. They will invariably cry or pull it off before you get where you’re going). It fits my carrier perfectly, and snugly. I am confident that the baby will not be able to kick a foot out from under it, and it will not pop off unexpectedly. The fabric is fabulous! The microfiber is so soft, and repels moisture. The blanket is so soft you’ll want to touch it all the time yourself! =] Overall, I’m very happy with my purchase, and feel it will get lots of use.

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  2. Celia Eileen's mommy says:
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    2.0 out of 5 stars
    I guess it keeps the car seat warm??!!??, October 18, 2004
    Celia Eileen’s mommy (Glendale,CA) –

    This review is from: Graco Infant Seat Boot with Blanket (Baby Product)

    This product is a piece of crap.. I wanted it because it said it was crash tested and cannot be kicked off.. I didn’t get to see it in person before ordering it….it is so small and only covers the very bottom of the seat.. the “blanket” that comes with it ,is the size of a hanky.. and as thin as the material they give you when you buy a pair of eye glasses,to clean them …..ridiculous..ok it was only 10 $ but its still wasted money..pass on this one.. use a regular blanket or make sure your child is properly layered.. I usually like Graco products but this one is a dud! :(

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  3. Leah says:

    the babysitting boucy chair! she’ll sit for a couple hours and watch me clean house, even at like 6 weeks! also a swing is great!

  4. DaVinci tha god says:

    Pampers food and water.

  5. JJ123 says:

    Swing, bouncer, boppy pillow (good, even if you’re not breastfeeding)

  6. * Amber's Mama * says:

    First off, you know you need a good stroller and car seat – we purchased a combi set from Mothercare which was quite inexpensive as our budget wasn’t huge but was so easy to fold up and put in the boot of our car. It’s really important to “test drive” any buggy you plan to buy. Sounds amusing but you need to know how it handles! This, [below] is our model, the “Gracco Quattro” and was really simple to use which is great for frazzle-brains like me! :]

    May I also recommend some sort of baby sling/ carrier
    A friend of ours bought us one after we said we were having a tough deal getting our daughter to sleep in the first few weeks. It was a brilliant device up until she was about 3 months old and allowed me to do the grocery shopping or washing up with my hands free!

    Also – you can never have too many onesies, bibs, socks or blankets. Make sure you have spares of as much as you can have – baby comforters, burp cloths etc. Good luck and enjoy the rest of pregnancy and your bundle of joy to come!

  7. Jewels says:

    bassinet/co-sleeper, diapers/wipes, bottles/bottle warmer, blankets, newborn clothes, hats to keep head warm, booties, get a bouncer(the ones that vibrate), those are lifesavers!, car seat, stroller, (they have the car seat/stroller combo which is good.), lotion, wash, towels, wash clothes, powder, and a first aid kit that includes nail clippers, aspirator, etc. Congrats and good luck!

  8. ks_1147 says:

    Things you might not think about.

    baby grooming kit…brush, nail clippers, etc
    baby medical kit…medicine dropper, nose bulb, diaper rash cream
    baby bath time shampoos and soaps

  9. julietherealjules says:

    I bought three dozen cloth diapers hoping to be environmentally friendly; this lasted through ONE diaper change before I sent my husband to the store for some Huggies. However, I used every single one of those diapers for 8 years through 2 kids as burp cloths, dust rags, security blankets [my son never knew that his clean "di-poo" was new every morning] and once we even were able to donate a clean cloth diaper to some kid who was beaned in the nose at a baseball game and was bleeding like a stuck pig.

    Also, Onesies. You’ll need LOTS AND LOTS of onesies. Don’t buy TOO many in the tiny size; you’ll need more when they get a little bigger.

    That’s just two of the things I found indispensible.

  10. EKM says:

    You really don’t need all the stuff they try to make you think you need. Quite a bit of the stuff I bought/received never even was used!

    Good Car seat
    Diapers (don’t get too many small ones they grow pretty fast)
    Rocking/vibrating seat chair (it was better than the highchair)
    Bouncy Seat (if one or the other I would pick the above one but both were great and served their purposes)
    Gas Drops whatever brand (would have paid 100$ /ounce for these, we had to make a 2am pajama trip to Walgreen’s)
    the little gloves to cover their hands (he was born with very long fingernails)

    big stroller/carrier combo (a friend told me but I insisted on getting it anyway!)
    I never used the sling carrier
    Swing (he only used for like two months before he tried to sit up and it was not safe! big waste)
    Highchair (Takes up lots of space and rarely used)

    Best advice only buy essentials and then buy things as you think you need them. I bought six of everything while I was pregnant (hormonal)! You WILL enjoy a trip to the store with baby and the stores don’t all close down when they are born!

  11. ygmama says:

    I couldnt have made it without a swing. My baby loved it and it would cheer him up if he was getting cranky and its great to strap them in and get a little house work done.