Foundations Quad Four Child Stroller, Blue

Foundations Quad Four Child Stroller, Blue
Updated on : February 20, 2013
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Foundations Quad Four Kid Stroller, Blue

Foundations Quad 4 Youngster Stroller, Blue

  • Largely assembled
  • Constructed from steel tubing and heavy-duty nylon fabric
  • Characteristics SafeBrake technique which engages when caregiver releases deal with
  • Additional foot brake for parking
  • 1 year warranty

40-NM-B0 Attributes: -Blue.-SafeBrake program engages when manage is released by driver.-Extra foot activated brake locks wheels when parked.-Dual, adjustable canopy.-Person harnesses.-Heavy-duty fabric.-Folds effortlessly and compact for storage.-Independent recline positions.

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What customers say about Foundations Quad Four Child Stroller, Blue

  1. Trista says:
    17 of 17 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    triplets + 1, September 23, 2010

    This review is from: Foundations Quad Four Child Stroller, Blue (Baby Product)

    We had a triplet stroller that we used for a year, then we were blessed with another baby shortly after our triplets turned 15 months old. Shortly after the baby’s birth, we invested in this stroller because the triplets were still too little and couldn’t hardly walk on their own. While it is heavy, it worked fabulous for us! It fit much better in the back of our Excursion than the triplet stroller ever did. And while it is super heavy, if you grab it just right, it isn’t that bad. Our SUV is very high off the ground, and I hauled it in and out all the time. I think it’s a matter of how important it is to get out. I really needed to be able to get out and this helped me do that.
    While it fit through almost every door we used, we did run into problems at our local grocery store. The door is older and narrow, plus there is an immediate turn, so we couldn’t use it in the store. I didn’t have that problem anywhere else.
    It was too heavy for our older boys to push, but it wasn’t bad for an adult to push. Also we found that if we put the lighter ones in the front, it was easier to push up curbs, etc.
    I did not like the hand release brake, so I simply took a small bungee cord and tied it up, so that I didn’t have to hold it down all the time. The only reason I really saw any necessity for it is if you were going down a hill, but that isn’t necessary where we live.
    All in all, this provided freedom for me to get out with five of our small children (I could “corral” the little ones while allowing their older brother to walk beside me); it is very well made; it is extremely sturdy; we had NONE of the issues with fabric fraying/tearing that we did in out triplet; there is more room in each individual seat than in our triplet stroller; it fit super well in our vehicle. I would (and have) recommend this to anyone with four small children, daycare provider, multiples parent, anyone. Our triplets are 3 1/2 and weigh 33 pounds each, our daughter is 2 and weighs 24 pounds and we can still use it.

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  2. J. Wallace "day care lady" says:
    13 of 13 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Great Stroller For Day Care Providers!, August 4, 2009
    J. Wallace “day care lady” (Redmond OR USA) –

    I am a child care provider with LOTS of strollers, singles, double, jogging and now this one. This is a nice, sturdy item that is quite heavy and seems to be well made. The only issue is even though the weight limit per seat is 40 pounds. I can’t imagine a child over age 30 pounds or age two would be very comfortable in this stroller. The canopies are quite low so there is not a lot of head room. But, when all is said and done, if you want a good, sturdy quad stroller this one will get the job done.

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