Flying with Baby – The Essential Guide to Flying Domestically with Infants Under 1 Year Old

Flying with Baby – The Essential Guide to Flying Domestically with Infants Under 1 Year Old
Updated on : January 12, 2013
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Flying with Infant – The Vital Guide to Flying Domestically with Infants Beneath 1 Year Old

Flying with Infant – The Essential Guide to Flying Domestically with Infants Below 1 Year Old

Are you dreading your baby’s first flight?

“Can I bring breastmilk by means of safety? And what about her ears popping in the course of takeoff… and is my car seat certified to bring aboard?”

Blogger Meg Collins (CPST) of addresses all of the commonly asked queries and issues about flying with your child. With input from veteran flyers and flight attendants, you’ll learn exactly how to get from A to B as very easily as attainable.

Topics include:

- Purchasing tickets
- Where to sit
- How to score a cost-free seat
- Dealing with you auto seat & stroller
- Getting via safety
- Breastfeeding & pumping
- Maintaining your child happy
- Feeding & much more

“I was so nervous about our very first flight with baby Darren, but your book put me at ease and ready me for everything I necessary to know. Thanks!!” — Janice McCullough

“This book is funny and informative, in classic Lucie’s List style. We had NO issues on our very first flight. Thank you!!” — Kara Quinn (Recommended Vehicle Seat) Let Babies 411 show you how to secure a baby in a automobile seat.
Video Rating: five / five

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Creating family rules using clear and positive words can reduce fighting and encourage cooperation. Telling your children “hands are for helping and not hurting” is better than just saying “don’t hit” because it gives them an example of what to do instead of just telling them what NOT to do.

The life of a parents if full of issues so always choose your battles wisely. You don’t want to fight with your child over everything, so chose the most crucial items that need addressing. Children desperately need boundaries, but they also need a bit of freedom to find themselves.

Positive reinforcement is an effective tool for parents. Your children crave your attention above all else. If you don’t give it to them for doing the right thing, they will try to get it by doing the wrong thing. By ignoring their children when they are behaving, parents are showing their children that they must act out to receive attention.

Keep rotating toys so your toddlers do not get bored with what they have. Most toys aren’t interesting to a toddler for more than a few days; some are even thrown to the side after a few minutes. Keeping things in rotation preserves the sense of curiosity kids have in their toys, and removes the need to keep buying new ones.

Don’t keep junk food at home, where it might tempt your young child to eat it or beg you for it. When your home is free of sweets, baked goods and salty snacks, your kids may be less inclined to crave such foods. Only indulge in these unhealthy treats during holidays like birthdays, Christmas, and Halloween.

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    Must read before traveling with infant!, November 19, 2012
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    This review is from: Flying with Baby – The Essential Guide to Flying Domestically with Infants Under 1 Year Old (Kindle Edition)

    As a soon to be first-time mom who has a family reunion coming up less than 2 months after the baby is due to arrive, this book did wonders to calm my nerves about flying with an infant!! It contains valuable tips and tricks for traveling with infants, and the author presents it all with a great sense of humor and accounts of her personal experience!

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    This review is from: Flying with Baby – The Essential Guide to Flying Domestically with Infants Under 1 Year Old (Kindle Edition)

    Great resource for new moms or just moms new to flying with infants and toddlers. I especially like the quick links to helpful webpages and purchases! We’re taking our first flight with our then to be 11 month old this summer. All the way to Hawaii! It should be interesting. Thanks for the great tips!

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  3. pingbns says:

    Thank you for mentioning about after marfket products. The two finger test is acually out dated I believe abut the pinch test is to be used you have other info in your newer vid I believe People can put rooled blankets around baby for support and may use a wah cloth between baby and crotch buckle for a snug fit
    Thank you.

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    Aw…. is it in the car? My mother used to have a cat that liked to go driving.

  5. McBeth says:

    Your mother’s cat was clearly dropped onto its head as a kitten; NO cat is supposed to actually enjoy car travel! LOL

    The carseat is pictured on a rocker/recliner inside my home. I have it for niece/nephews and it wasn’t being used in the car so I brought it inside to store. Only, uh, one of the cats (Artemis) got to it first. ; )

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    I must be part cat: that’s MY credo, too!