Columbia / Britax Positioning Seat Size: Child

Columbia / Britax Positioning Seat Size: Child
Updated on : March 14, 2013
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Columbia / Britax Positioning Seat Size: Child

Columbia / Britax Positioning Seat Size: Child

  • Columbia/Britax Child Positioning Seat
  • Categorization: Adaptive Positioning (Children) > Modular Feeder Seating System

31-1010 Size: Child Features: -Transport your special needs child in the car or van (complies with F.M.V.S.S.123).-Comes with 5-point harness, headrest and 4 foam positioning inserts.-Seat keeps child at proper angle for home / school activities. Options: -Available in 2 sizes: Child and adult.

Origin Point, Inc. generated a computer animation of baby and infant seat in a crew cab pickup truck to show a jury what happened during a front end collisio…
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Question by mandy r: can u use the car seat after u have a wreck?

Best answer:

Answer by infoman6617
for what a car seat…. sorry im guessing you mean for a baby and if its not broken sure… im sorry if thats the case then i guess you should also get another car as well…. im thinking its made of plastic its inside a medal car held in place by straps.. so did it get hit by the other car and break a part the the seat belts break it into pieces… sure its your kid and you want the best right….. i guess thats what others are thinking aslo but really…… whats 60 bucks

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What customers say about Columbia / Britax Positioning Seat Size: Child

  1. tiffanybrooke09 says:

    Why was the infant car seat facing forward anyway? I’m pretty sure NO infant car seat is supposed to face forward.

  2. kennedy24ify says:

    She’s RF in a britax roundabout 50 i bought it from target it RF to 35lbs unless they get to tall meaning less than1in above there head and FF to 50lbs she’ll hit the height long before weight but i plan on useing next years taxes to buy her a britax frontier is she outgrows this seat before 5 and i agree are law has no specific age just says under 8 needs a booster i hate seeing toddlers in boosters people are in to big a hurry to move the kid to the next step seat :(

  3. boneheaders says:

    What car seat are you rear facing your 2 year old daughter in? I am disappointed in our laws. I tried to research them, but there are no laws about specifically using a 5 point harness restraint up to a certain age. The laws should say that kids 4 years and under under use a 5 point harness restraint. I don’t like seeing 3 year olds in boosters because their parents thought- oh my child grew out of their cosco forward facing car seat, so I can go buy a booster seat.

  4. kennedy24ify says:

    Yeah i know what you mean about people notlistening it’s very frustrating and yes im big on snug straps i hate when there loose or hanging off the kid you can have the most exspensive seat money can buy if it’s not used properly it’s not going to do a thing for your child in a crash and so many people skip boosters or take themout to early my kids will be in one until they are 57in or pass the 5step test thats the rule of thumb

  5. kennedy24ify says:

    I would love to get her a bigger seat but i just dont have the money she may make it past 3 in her seat depending on fast she grows she may make it 3.5 or more who knows and i am a car seat nazi as well i hate loose straps chest clips being on the belly,twisted straps i also try and make sure people know straps at or above for FF and at or below for RF i am glad you have educated your self early thats awsome !!!!!!

  6. boneheaders says:

    Anyhow, if your 2.5 was my kid, (i don’t have kids because I’m 17 so i have no idea what I’m talking about), but if your son wouldn’t get to age 4 rearfacing in a US seat, I would import one from Sweden, like the Britax Multi Tech. I would try to get a written statement from the insurance company making sure they would cover it, and if they don’t cover it, I will still use it. After all, Theresa a girl just like Joel broke her neck at age 3.

  7. boneheaders says:

    (continue from previous comment)
    Anyhow, my cousins + aunts, don’t listen to anything that I tell them, probably because they are from a poorer country and car seats aren’t top priority. I became a car seat Nazi when my cousin turned her child at 1 year old forward facing, and her other child into a booster seat. I did some research on babycenter’s website about safety and how children should remain into a booster seat, read some comments, and did more research.

  8. boneheaders says:

    That’s good to hear because I never have seen ANYONE ever have snug straps. It is just that a lot of people don’t really have any idea what “snug” “tight” and safe are. I am a car seat nazi too and I don’t even have kids- I’m just a 17 year old car seat fanatic. I fix my families installation problems- put on the top tether, tighten harness straps, and no matter what I tell them, they don’t listen.

  9. kennedy24ify says:

    people tend to call me a car seat zai or just crazy my seats are tight,straps are snug,chest clip is on her chest(armpit level) and 6.5yr old will just be going into a high back booster this spring

  10. Ari Mikkola says:

    No, if it’s a child seat and has been involved in an accident the structure of the seat may be damaged. If it is re used and there is another accident the seat may not perform to its specification and protect the seat’s occupant.

    Be safe get a new seat

  11. chipmunk651 says:

    Why would you want to? Play it safe, get a new one.

  12. UCANTCME says:

    You you should never reuse a car seat if it have been in an accident.