CLOSEOUT Phil and Ted Sport Single Sun/Insect Mesh Cover Version 1

CLOSEOUT Phil and Ted Sport Single Sun/Insect Mesh Cover Version 1
Updated on : January 10, 2013
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CLOSEOUT Phil and Ted Sport Single Sun/Insect Mesh Cover Version 1

CLOSEOUT Phil and Ted Sport Single Sun/Insect Mesh Cover Version 1

This sun cover allows for airflow and breathability in your single Phil and Teds Classic or Sport Single Stroller, while safeguarding your occupant from bugs and rays! The custom fit mesh filters out 81% of UV rays, and weighs much less than a pound, generating it easy to take with you anyplace. Good and large to ensure complete cab coverage, with no impeding your stroller movement. Produced in ISO 9001 certified factories and facilities

Query by Gussie: Cheap/Girly Convertible Automobile Seats?
Does anybody know where I can locate an low-cost convertible auto seat that is also girly?
(Inexpensive signifies 89 or Below)

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Answer by ballsonthewalls
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What customers say about CLOSEOUT Phil and Ted Sport Single Sun/Insect Mesh Cover Version 1

  1. rachel says:

    it is your child’s life in a car you are talking about. I don’t recommend cheap. You get what you pay for

  2. LaundryGirl says:

    No; most of the cute girly convertibles are made by Britax, and cost from $ 200-300 each. They are well worth the extra money for the main fact that they rear-face up to 33 lbs., keeping your baby in the SAFEST position longer than most other seats, PLUS they forward face up to *65* lbs., while most others only go up to 40.

    Children should remain in a 5-pt. harness until they can sit in a bosster seat correctly EVERY time, meaning they don’t stick the shoulder belt behind them, they don’t slump over when they fall asleep, they don’t slouch down into their seat so the lap belt covers their soft belly instead of sitting across the thighs, etc. But this is nearly impossible with a convertible with a 40 lb. limit! So having a higher-weight harnessing seat is truly going to give you your money’s worth over the years.

    3-in-1 seats are a total sham. I have one, and it’s useless for an infant until about 15-16 lbs. due to the height of the lowest shoulder strap setting. It’s also useless up to the 40 lb. limit because the highest headrest setting is meant for booster mode only. Then, they are basically useless as boosters– I can’t get mine to adjust correctly to my child, AND still be within the correct usage for the seat. :( It’s fine enough for forward-facing a toddler or small preschooler, but that’s about it. Don’t buy into the hype– it’s most certainly NOT the only seat you’ll ever need!

    I suggest looking into the Britax seats, or perhaps a Sunshine Kids Radian: ,
    or possibly the Safety 1st/Cosco Apex:

    I own a Radian for my 5y/o petite child, and am so much happier with that than the Eddie Bauer/Cosco 3-in-1. She isn’t quite ready for a booster yet, and is many times safer in a 5 pt. harness anyway. Each step “up” in seats/riding position is a drastic step DOWN in safety. The Radian is plain, but I’ve gotten some stick-on/iron-on embroidered flowers & butterflies, and my daughter’s name put on the seat. She loves it. :)

    I hope this has been helpful to you! BTW, the site I linked to, (aka has great sale/closeout prices on Britax seats, often free s/h as well, and their customer service has been great too. I’ve bought from them before.

  3. baby G says:

    Bottom line is, there is nothing wrong with buying a cheap car seat if it is new. Car seats are made to specific standards, you won’t buy a car seat that isn’t safe if you buy it new in a store. Walmart has a pink convertible car seat by Graco for $ 89.96. It is only available on line but it is available for site to store shipping so you won’t have to pay for shipping. That is the cheapest girly convertible car seat I could find.