Bugaboo Chicco Car Seat Adapter, Donkey, Twin

Bugaboo Chicco Car Seat Adapter, Donkey, Twin
Updated on : March 14, 2013
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Bugaboo Chicco Car Seat Adapter, Donkey, Twin

Bugaboo Chicco Car Seat Adapter, Donkey, Twin

  • Includes car seat adapter , 2 year warranty and user guide
  • Made from aluminum and plastic
  • Wipe down with damp cloth

The Bugaboo Donkey Chicco twin car seat adapter allows parents to attach a car seat to their stroller in a snap. Comes with 2 year warranty and user guide. Made from aluminum and plastic body.

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What customers say about Bugaboo Chicco Car Seat Adapter, Donkey, Twin

  1. mariluz mendocilla miranda says:

    how does it works in the snow? i do live in norway and we have alotttt of snow specially in this time. is it easy to use the stroller in heavy snow?

  2. Carla Brauer-Lalezari says:

    The stroller is o.k.. I have the double one. Hard to recline the seats and extremely hard to fold the stroller.

  3. sarahmoyta says:

    I have this stroller in black and love it! I use it as a double, sometimes with the car seat adapter, sometimes with two seats. My 3 year old (3ft+ and 30lbs) fits comfortably in the seats, and they adjust down to fit my 7 month old (24″ 13lbs) just fine as well. We use it for jogging on roads and it handles great – the suspension is fabulous. I can also use it on small shopping trips as well because the basket holds so much. And I really haven’t found a seating combo that doesn’t work yet!

  4. mark4ton says:

    Great Product! i have the double, also using with car seat adapter. This guy is not a very good product demonstrator.

  5. strollertwinbaby says:

    This is the one that I’m looking for. I feel my baby safe with this kind of stroller. Thanks for the review and for the demonstration.

  6. squidgysaff says:

    fantastic buggy, and I should know…Ive had 5 doubles and my twins are only 15 months. Light, manouvreable, great hoods so you dont need a sun canopy, superb quick fold, fits in my tiny boot space. Negatives? Very heavy up and down kerbs with toddler in front seat but this I can live with…no such thing as a perfect double :-)

  7. voyagebabe says:

    awesome m getting one… :D

  8. LetsGoStrolling says:

    There are 16 configurations for the City Select, including 3 different positions with the bassinett and toddler seat. The numerous combinations can be found on our site. The postioning that you are referring to can be obtained with infant car seat and the toddler seat. Happy Strolling!

  9. fiveunited says:

    Great reviews. Is it possible to use this a double seat pram such as: toddler facing forward in front and an infant facing mum on top and flat recline position?

  10. disneygirlx2 says:

    hi melmambo, was there much leg length for the toddlers. i’m a mom of twin boys almost 3 and i’m worried if i purchase this stroller they will have outgrown it in 6 months. i watched demo on babygizzmo/ youtube and the little girls legs were bent up to her chin almost!

  11. braydsmum says:

    ooooo this isnt available in Australia yet (next month) iv only JUST heard about it. IM IN LOOOOVE!! i wanted a strider plus, but was worried about the width… this pram is pretty much the same, but thinner! YAY!!

  12. melmambo says:

    Just purchased it today. Put my 2 year old son 38 ppounds and his 2 year old cousin 29 pounds in every position. So far so good! Will be using it for twins due in april. Love it so far!