BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter For Single Strollers

BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter For Single Strollers
Updated on : March 13, 2013
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BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter For Single Strollers

BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter For Single Strollers

  • Semi-permanent installation for safety and durability that folds with the stroller
  • Compatible with Britax Companion 2003 and newer, Graco Snug Ride 2003 and newer Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 2003 etc
  • Solid and secure seat-to-stroller attachment
  • Folds quickly for easy storage

BOB’s redesigned car-seat adapters provide the parents with flexibility and long-term usability. After the child outgrows a carseat and can travel safely in the Stroller’s compartment.

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What customers say about BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter For Single Strollers

  1. Marc says:
    163 of 163 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Unofficially works with Chicco KeyFit – see these instructions, May 12, 2009
    Marc (Boston) –

    This review is from: BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter For Single Strollers (Baby Product)

    For some reason this adapter does not officially support the Chicco KeyFit car seat. Fortunately, the KeyFit seat fits in the adapter and is very stable and secure – provided you follow one simple additional step in the installation:

    First, follow all the regular instructions for installation. If you try to put in the KeyFit seat now, you can get either have it be level OR secure, but not both. Not good. The problem is the notch on the bottom of the KeyFit seat doesn’t properly lower onto the main bar on the adapter, because the secondary (“accessory”) bar interferes. The solution: Remove the accessory bar. The accessory bar needs to be removed to use the included accessory tray anyway, so there are even instructions for how to do this (it is easy, just remove two screws).

    I’m sure for legal reasons the BOB people will probably tell you not to do this, but truthfully the KeyFit feels much more secure than it does in my Snap N Go stroller, which it supposedly is designed for. In my opinion, with the accessory bar removed, the KeyFit seat fits as well as the other supported seats I’ve seen in use. (Disclaimer: I’m not an expert, so use your own judgment.)

    This would get five stars if it officially supported the KeyFit and was maybe 25% cheaper. It is really just some aluminum tubing and a couple of screws, so it seems overpriced to me. But it works well.

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  2. S. Kennedy "Edge Bleeder" says:
    48 of 48 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Folds well, but must not make mistake in intallation., May 18, 2008
    S. Kennedy “Edge Bleeder” (Ithaca, NY USA) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter For Single Strollers (Baby Product)

    With the car seat adapter installed the Bob stroller will fold completely and easily, but there is a mistake you can make installation that will make you think it won’t.

    I am usually quite adept and assembling products. That said, the installation of this car seat adapter is not entirely trivial, but if you are careful and fully follow the instructions and take time to understand them anyone can do it.

    The mistake I made on my first attempt was confusing what the instructions refer to as the “arm” and the “main bar”. For some reason, I got them reversed in my head. The problem is that you can continue with the installation this way and the car seat (a Britax in my case) will click into it. However, a few things are awkward with this installation (difficult to move the hood, the angle of the car seat is slightly to steep, etc). But it appears to work except that you cannot fully fold the Bob like you could before. At first I was very frustrated and assumed I had installed it correctly but that it just didn’t work well.

    However, I went back and carefully reviewed the instructions and realized that I has thought that the “arm” was the “main bar” and vice versa. I started the installation over from the beginning and it was much smoother. Now the car seat clicks in at a better angle, the Bob completely folds and the canopy moves easier. In hindsight it was a stupid mistake. I am writing this review to save other people from the frustration that I had.

    So, now I am very happy with the adapter.

    I will also point out that the kit comes with a foam block that is optional. It also slightly changes the angle that the car seat sits, but it is not necessary. It is a bit of a “hack” in my opinion. The bob does fold with it in place, but there is nothing really keeping the foam block from falling out. I am guessing I won’t end up using it much.

    In the end, I am giving the car seat adapter only 4 out of five stars because the installation can be difficult to understand and I think it is a shame that it is not included with the Bob itself. It is a shame you have to spend extra to be able to use your car seat with the Bob.

    Finally, I will point out that this adapter does not work with all car seats. You should make sure that the car seat you have or plan to use is compatible before buying.

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